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The Vitaglow Test - After 6 months

In May 2020, we revealed the results of our VITAGLOW TEST based on 10 women taking VITAGLOW for 3 months. A test that we are extremely proud of! Out of curiosity we chose to continue the VITAGLOW treatment on 3 women for another 3 months - a total of 6 months daily intake of VITAGLOW followed by a skin scan and evaluation. Here are the final results - we are super proud!

Q&A with Mette Skjærbæk

We are often asked about cellulite, as well as how to minimize the small bumps on the thighs through diet and lifestyle. We have therefore allied ourselves with skincare nerd, Mette Skjærbæk - who also is the creative director of Karmameju Skincare. We asked her about her best tips on how to minimize cellulite, which you can read more about in the below newsletter ...