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Terms & Conditions/Subscriptions


VITAVIVA’s products are labelled in accordance with European standards, providing information about all ingredients, incl. additives and allergen ingredients, as well as ingredients the product may have been in contact with during production.  Thus the use of VITAVIVA’s products is at your sole risk and all information provided by VITAVIVA in the product declaration should be read carefully. VITAVIVA disclaims all warranties and is not liable for any allergic reactions or other allergen sensitivities.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are different rules for categorizing dietary supplements in the different countries in the EU and there are differences in whether you as a private person can legally buy different dietary supplements. It is the sole responsibility of consumers to investigate the rules that apply in the country to which the consumer wants the goods sent. VITAVIVA AB is a Swedish  company registered in Sweden and having its warehouse in Malmö Sweden. We are subject to Swedish and EU legislation.

Exchange rates, Import duties, taxes and VAT

Prices, VAT and taxes are automatically calculated in euros (€), which may cause price volatility when currency other than euro will be used (the exchange rate is updated daily.) This means that the final purchase price* only appears when you have entered your shipping country and specified shipping method.

*Duties/VAT and additional tax, customs may be applicable for certain countries outside the EU - please investigate for your own country of residence.

*For Countries within the EU, no additional duties will apply, but VAT differs from country to country.



The price of shipping depends on the destination or the order and how much the package weighs. The final shipping price will appear once you have entered shipping address and chosen shipping method.

Vitaviva works with Postnord to give our customers the fastest and best shipping method, which includes the Track & Trace service.


Payment is processed from your payment card when the order is shipped. 

NOTE: Please note that due to new European rules on Strong customer authentication (SCA) effective from 1 January 2021 your bank may ask for multi-factor authentication to complete payment for your purchase. The requirement ensures that electronic payments are performed with multi-factor authentication, to increase the security of electronic payments.online.

Vitavivas uses STRIPE and Bambora/Worldline payment system for credit card payments. Vitaviva also uses IDEAL/Mollie payment.


Visa Electron


American Express

Vitaviva uses new and safe technology for Internet payments.

All credit card purchases are made through a secure server and all your bank and credit card information will be encrypted (encoded) when shipped. Only the external payment providers who make the money transfer, can view the information. This protection also means that there can never be credited more money from your account than the amount you approved when ordering.

Payment with KLARNA (buy now pay later)

In collaboration with Klarna Bank AB (publ), Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm, Sweden, VITAVIVA offers the payment method Klarna PayLater for most countries. Payment is made to Klarna. Further information can be found in Klarna's terms of use. General information about Klarna can be found here. Your personal information is processed in accordance with applicable data protection legislation and as described in Klarna's data protection declaration.

VITAVIVA AB Bank details:




IBAN:SE12 6000 0000 0004 7049 1841



Ystadvägen 22

214 30 Malmö


Organisation no: 559425-3550 


tel +46 (0) 70 400 4565 


Note for UK Customers - BREXIT - VAT and import duties

Individuals may import Dietary supplements to UK after BBREXIT but the purchase will be subject to duties; VAT and additinal taxes added by UK authorities, customs and handling fee from the shipper. For these shipments duties are payable before the package may be released by the shipper/UPS.  Such added costs are the sole responsibility of the customer. Returns due to customers not paying duties will be subject to deduction of return shipping, up to € 25,-

NOTE: please note that customs clearance for imported good to the UK er currently experiencing delays up to 2-3 weeks due to BREXIT.


Note for Norwegian Customers

Individuals may import Dietary supplements for private use for a period of 90 days. If this period is exceeded, exceeding products may be confiscated and destroyed by Norwegian customs authority. In such an event, the customer will still be liable for the full order, and will therefore still be charged for it.

If a customer's purchase exceeds NOK 350,- incl. handling and shipping, additional taxes may be added by the Norwegian customs authority. Such added costs are the sole responsibility of the customer.



The estimated delivery time by UPS to most of Europe is 2-5 working days but in some countries such as Greece, Spain, France and Italy it may take up to 8 days.

Free shipping for orders above € 99.95 ( value after any discounts) is valid only for the following countries: Sweden, Denmark and Netherlands.

For all other countries, shippings costs are calculated at the checkout.


Subscription conditions – valid from 15 October 2022

The subscription conditions only apply if you have a subscription with VITAVIVA with one or more of VITAVIVA's products.

The subscription conditions supplement VITAVIVA's other Trading Conditions. In case of inconsistency between the Trading Terms and the Subscription Terms, the Subscription Terms take precedence.


Changes to the Subscription Terms

VITAVIVA has the right to change these Subscription Terms at any time. Significant changes will be notified of entry into force with at least one month's notice. However, non-significant changes and changes to your advantage can be implemented without notice.


The subscription relationship

 When you create a subscription to one or more products, it will appear on your order confirmation that the product(s) have been created on a subscription basis. When products are subscribed to, you choose the frequency with which you want the product(s) sent. It is possible to choose between a frequency of 30, 60 or 90 days.

VITAVIVA will continuously send the products to you with the selected frequency until the subscription is canceled or changed. You can make changes yourself or cancel your subscription under 'My profile - subscriptions' on VITAVIVA or via the link you receive in your order confirmation when you subscribed.


No Binding

There is no binding when you create subscription products at VITAVIVA, and you can cancel at any time with 72 hours' notice before the next subscription delivery. VITAVIVA will continuously send you e-mails regarding your subscription, your subscription shipments and payment. You are responsible for updating your e-mail address. You must be at least 18 years old to create a subscription. We reserve the right to refuse to do business with you without reason.


Subscription delivery

VITAVIVA's general rules for shipping costs also apply to subscriptions. This means that you always get free shipping on subscription deliveries over DKK 745 (certain countries are excluded, however), regardless of the form or address you choose. If you are subscribed to several products, these are delivered with the same delivery method and to the same delivery address. You choose which delivery method you want to use for the first delivery. Thereafter, VITAVIVA reserves the right to change the delivery provider for subsequent subscription deliveries, but always to your originally chosen address.

If you have two or more subscriptions with future deliveries in close proximity to each other, VITAVIVA reserves the right to combine these deliveries into one delivery.


Payment of subscription

To create one or more products on a subscription, payment via payment card is required. When you create one or more subscription products, you accept that VITAVIVA may automatically and continuously withdraw money from the payment card you have linked to the subscription. The money is withdrawn every time VITAVIVA sends the subscription product(s) to you.

The general cardholder laws, including liability rules, that you have agreed to with the card issuer also apply when you use your payment card for subscription purchases on vitaviva.com. The payment is made in the same way as with ordinary card purchases, where you enter your payment card details yourself.

Your payment and card details are stored with STRIPE, which is VITAVIVA's PCI certified partner - and not VITAVIVA - which has access to your card details. Processing of your card information is therefore solely a matter between you and VITAVIVA's PCI certified business partner, even if it takes place via VITAVIVA's webshop.


Missing payment

You are responsible for updating your payment information if your payment card is blocked or expires. If it has not been possible for us to withdraw money from your card, regardless of whether it is due to incorrect card information, lack of coverage on the payment card or other error, you will receive a notification of this via e-mail. If you have not updated your payment information in time, you will experience that your deliveries are cancelled.



Your subscription products can be canceled easily and at any time. If you have an upcoming subscription delivery within the next 48 hours, this will not be able to be cancelled, however, and your cancellation can only take effect after that.


Changes to your information

If you have changes to your subscription, e.g. address changes, changes to frequency or the like you can change this under 'My profile’. It is your own responsibility to inform us of address changes, as we are not automatically notified of this. Changes must be notified no later than 48 hours before they are to take effect.


Subscription discount and pricing

As a subscriber, you get a fixed 15% discount on the normal price of the products you choose to subscribe to.


Back orders/sold out or discontinued items

VITAVIVA reserves the right for out-of-stock items, even if you have taken out a subscription. You may find that the product(s) you have subscribed to is sold out, out of stock or backordered. VITAVIVA will then contact you about this.


Processing of personal data regarding subscription

 For you to enter into a subscription agreement with VITAVIVA, we need the following information:

-       Name

-       Address

-       Phone number

-       Email address

-       Information about your purchases

-       Card details - not to VITAVIVA - but to VITAVIVA's partner STRIPE payment solutions.


We process your personal data for the purpose of being able to deliver the goods to you, and to be able to process inquiries regarding your subscription. Your information will also be used for profiling to gain knowledge about your product preferences so that we can target our marketing to you. The processing takes place in accordance with the rules in our Personal Data Policy and in accordance with VITAVIVA's other trading conditions. In these documents you can read more about how your information is processed, when it is deleted and what rights you have as a registered person.

Once you have made a subscribtion of one or more VITAVIVA products, you will automatically receive deliveries with the interval you have chosen.

When you order a subscription with VITAVIVA, you will usually receive your first order within 2 -5 working days. You can always see your next shipping date by logging in to your profile at www.vitaviva.com.

Payment for the subscription is automatically deducted from the specified card upon dispatch of each order.

Your subscription will continue until terminated by you or by VITAVIVA. Cancellation, change or pause of subscription is made by logging in to your profile. Any change must be made within 4 business days before the next shipment date.

Vitaviva can terminate your subscription at any time without notice and without any reason.

Your card information is registered only with VITAVIVA and is not disclosed to third parties, unless we are entitled to this, however, certain data will be transmitted to Stripe, which is our payment system provider.

Your card information is saved as long as your subscription to VITAVIVA is active and exclusively for use in order to make payment for your active subscriptions. You are responsible for ensuring that your card information is always up to date.

You may withdraw your consent to your card details at any time, after which VITAVIVA will immediately delete the saved card information. If you wish to withdraw your consent, please write to viva@vitaviva.com


General Privacy Policy

To enable us to process your order we will typically acquire information which includes your name, address, phone number and your e-mail. Your information is stored on servers with limited access that are located in controlled facilities.

We only use your contact information to deliver your products and to contact you regarding your order. We do not share or sell your contact information to third parties, except if required by law or if needed in order to complete your order. We only store your contact information in Vitaviva.com 's database where they at any time will be handled confidentially.


Cookies are text files stored on your computer that make it easier for you to surf the Internet. For example, cookies remember your username and your address on websites that you previously used. Vitaviva.com uses cookies to remember your language preference, product views and your customer ID to make it easier for you next time you visit vitaviva.com. Cookies never contain information about your credit card or your password. You can delete stored cookies on your computer at any time.

Returns / Complaint

If you have problems or questions regarding your order, please contact us at viva@vitaviva.com. For returns go to the Returns page on www.vitaviva.com



VITAVIVA complies with current EU-legislation offering 24 months period for complaints, provided complaints are submitting within a reasonable period, namely 2 months  from the time where the fault becomes appareant. All complaints should be addressed to viva@vitaviva.com.


VITAVIVA refers to EU legislation for online dispute resolution, according to which that all webshop must link to the Online Dispute Resolution website