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We value our customers and therefore we have launched a Loyalty Club, where you are rewarded with points every time you shop in VITAVIVA's online universe.

Points that will give your discounts on your future supplement orders.

In addition, we will continuously treat all our Loyalty Club members with special targeted offers and benefits, so hurry up and become a part of the VITAVIVAWORLD LOYALTY CLUB.

This is how it works:

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Do you already have a VITAVIVA account?

If you already have a VITAVIVA account and password you will automatically become a member next time you sign into your account and start earning points from your next purchase. To claim your welcome reward, please use the following discount code "LOYALTY" which equals the 2000 Health Points when completeing your next purchase. The discount code is valid for one purchase only per member.


Terms & Conditions:

We recommend that you read the terms and conditions of the VITAVIVAWORLD LOYALTY CLUB (VVLC) before you become a member.

VVLC is a free membership club for customers of VITAVIVA BV. All inquiries regarding VVLC must be directed to our customer service by email viva@vitaviva.com

VVLC is a benefit program that gives you points other special benefits when you buy supplements at www.vitaviva.com.

How ?

You can become a member of VVLC for free by signing up at www.vitaviva.com.

In connection with your registration, you must create a customer profile on vitaviva.com.

Once you have created a customer profile and agreed to become a member, you will automatically earn points every time you shop on vitaviva.com, as long as you remember to log into your profile before completing your purchase.

You can use your earned points to pay for your future purchases on vitaviva.com. You can keep track of your points earned under your profile at www.vitaviva.com The points cannot be paid out in cash but only used in connection with purchases on www.vitaviva.com.

By registrering a customer profile and becoming a member of VVLC, you must give your consent the member conditions of VVLC. Without this consent, you cannot not earn or use points.


Other requirements:

You must have a valid email address and be at least 16 years old to join VVLC.

You will be able to see your points balance under your profile.


Earning points, duration and termination of VVLC

You get 10 Health Points for every EUR 1 you spend. You get 2000 Health Points as a welcome bonus.

All points are registered on your membership, and can be converted into a discount when shopping at www.vitaviva.com

€ 1 gives you 10 Health Points

500 Health Points gives € 1 to spend.

Your points will not show on your account until the order has been shiped and invoiced.

If you return items you have purchased from VITAVIVA, you will automatically have your points adjusted so that the points you earned will be deducted again.

Your points expire 2 years after they are earned. We will send you a reminder 30 days before your points expire.

If you terminate your membership of VVLC or request that your consent be withdrawn, your points will automatically be deleted.

VITAVIVA B.V. reserves the right to immediately change the terms of the VVLC program and to completely stop the program with 1 month's written notice. All earned points will, if applicable, continue to be used within the above-mentioned deadline. VITAVIVA BV considers any changes to be approved by you if you continue to use your VVLC loyalty program after the change has taken effect. If you no longer wish to be a member of VVLC, you can unsubscribe by logging on to your Account on vitaviva.com. If you unsubscribe, you will lose all the points you have not yet used.

You will be automatically notified by VVLC if you have not earned points for 2½ years and your last points have expired. Misuse of VVLC may result in permanent exclusion of VVLC and thus also that we delete your earned points. Examples of abuse can be cheating with points.