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About Us

For more than 25 years, VITAVIVA has been a reliable high-quality online retailer of dietary supplements in Europe. All of our products are developed in close collaboration with a dedicated team who focus on nutrition.

VITAVIVA is on a mission to deliver top quality, best absorbability, potent supplements to health-conscious customers in Europe. We also focus on customer service and individual guidance because we believe that no two people are alike. 

Our products typically have a higher dosage of nutrients than many other brands. Keep this in mind, when comparing prices. 


All of our products are designed for your specific needs depending your nutritional goals you may have. Remember that supplements must never replace a healthy and varied diet. VITAVIVA is known for high quality and high dosage, making the supplements extremely potent, to support the body.

Our customers have different needs and we encounter a different range of people who choose to supplement their diet with vitamins and minerals. 

Since the launch of our VITAVIVACIOUS life style range in 2011 our customers come in all ages, sizes, and shapes. The VITAVIVACIOUS-line focusses on a healthy lifestyle with various supplements targeted at detoxing, weight loss, improving energy and boosting natural beauty from within. 

VITAVIVA believes health should be accessible, easy, and fun for everyone. As an important part of our business strategy, we focus on customer service and individual guidance to our products because we believe that everyone has different needs. 


It all began in 1999, when a dedicated team of health enthusiats, decided to find out how to create a potent and unique multivitamin, which is the Vitamax - our bestseller.  Today, VITAVIVA is based in the Netherlands and is one of Europe's leading online retailers of dietary supplements. 



VITAVIVA does not want to compromise on quality and dosage levels. Many of our products have much higher dosages than other supplements brands because we know that high dosage makes them efficient. Each formula is carefully designed for maximum absorbability and impact. 


VITAVIVA's approach to developing supplements is science-backed and we also focus on carefully selecting natural ingredients. When developing new products, we work with experts in nutrition and health.


VITAVIVA’s main focus is food safety, quality and customer relations. It is therefore essential for us that our products meet the highest standards for dietary supplements and are amongst the best on the market, both in terms of price and content. VITAVIVA AB is a Swedish company and thus follow the Swedish authorities' legislation on food supplements. 

All of VITAVIVA's suppliers have been carefully selected in order to ensure the best quality and safety with respect for the production of our supplements. Our suppliers are certified according to international standards for food safety.

In addition, VITAVIVA uses independent laboratories to perform and monitor testing of our supplements. 

VITAVIVA is an Aktiebolag (AB) registered in Sweden. Our warehouse is located in Malmö, Sweden. VITAVIVA's  products are sold online to customers across Europe and all orders are shipped from Sweden.

We are concerned about the privacy of our customers and follow current GDPR rules.


Navigating online can be confusing and at Vitaviva we are aware that buying online is a matter of trust. We have therefore ensured a professional and easy-to-navigate platform where our customers can feel safe and at peace while visiting our website and webshop. If questions should arise about our products, please feel free to contact us anytime on e-mail, we are also ready to help you both through phone and our online chat from Monday to Friday from 09-16.


VITAVIVA works to ensure sustainability throughout the value chain. We work only with manufacturers who have responsible working conditions and are subject to strict control from relevant authorities. At VITAVIVA we work to reduce environmental impact and we currently use packaging suitable for recycling. We are constantly looking to  optimize these processes to minimize impact on the environment. For example, our packaging is produced right next door to the production of dietary supplements iftself, so transport and Carbon footprint is minimized.

We are currently considering alternative packaging options, but have not yet found the ideal solution when considering both Carbon footprint and recycling. In adddition, dietary supplements are also subject to strict legal requirements for packaging to ensure durability, including no UV radiation, air tightness etc.

Shortly, we will  launch a brand new Refill Concept so that all our dailydose convenience packs can be purchased as refills, which significantly reduces packaging volume. We are very eager to hear from you, if you have questions or comments about this issue. Write to viva@vitaviva.com.

VITAVIVA – (CSR) - UN Sustainable Development Goals

For most of us, health is a private matter, just as we have different definitions of what health is. At VITAVIVA we believe that health is more than nutritional supplements. A healthy life is characterized by an overall healthy lifestyle in the form of good nutrition, exercise as well as good relationships. We believe that good health should accessible to everyone, but sadly, this is often not the case today. VITAVIVA, therefore, devotes its time to support various charities that promote health throughout the world aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, article 3.

Current Charity: 

The Smallest Shoulders

Treatment Center Tjele is Denmark's oldest privately run center, offering professional abuse treatment. The treatment is fully oriented with programs for both the abused and the relatives which are also affected by the abuse.

The project "The smallest shoulders" aims to help children and adolescents under 18 and their families. Children of abusers should be helped as soon as possible, so they do not have problems when they grow up. The purpose of family treatment is prevention in relation to mental problems and psychosomatic disorders. For children and young people, we also wish to help prevent early abuse problems.

Treatment center Tjele has been granted public funds for free family treatment for children and adolescents from families with substantial abuse problems, but VITAVIVA also wants to support the important work done by Tjele under the Smallest Shoulders programme.

You may also want to support by making a donation - no amount is too small.

The Tjele treatment center has used more than 25 years of experience in treating relatives to put together a treatment offering for children and adolescents aged 8-24, called The Smallest Shoulders.

Throughout courses, therapy and teaching, The Smallest Shoulders programme takes care of the problems that children and adolescents who have grown up in a family with alcoholism or other addictive disorders.

The Smallest Shoulders is now in its fifth year after a new grant from the National Board of Health and Welfare.

The following is a small summary from Tjele on the experiences of the first four years of the programme: “We at“ The Smallest Shoulders ”experience a wide range of positive results in the wake of the first 4 years of working with children and adolescents from abusive families. The most important thing, of course, is that our evaluations, consistent throughout the years, show that children and adolescents associated with our programme experience better well-being and increased viability caused by their process with us. We see this supported by many positive expressions from children, adolescents and parents, as reflected in the behavior of children and adolescents when they are with us, the smiles simply get wider and the time easier in the vast majority as their progress progresses.

In addition, we have seen an increased approach of children and adolescents, based on a broader knowledge of us, as treatment options. There are simply several who know that "we are there". This applies to various major educational institutions, municipalities and other public bodies that refer to us, or even contact on behalf of students or clients. Last but not least, we, like the forces behind "The Smallest Shoulders", experience an "anchoring" in working methods and theory of change that at one time gives work peace to put maximum energy into daily work with children and young people, because the foundations are laid down, but at the same time also provides experience and overview to make the small adjustments that not only keep the project going well, but constantly evolve and get even better. "

You might also understand why VITAVIVA has made The Smallest Shoulders our favourite Charity.

Please read more on www.desmaaskuldre.dk


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