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How do I get free delivery on my order?

We offer free delivery to countries Sweden, Denmark and Netherlands. You get free delivery to these countries if you shop for EUR 99,95,- or more. When your shopping basket contains products with a value of minimum EUR 99,95,- (amount calculated before any other discounts), then you will be able to choose the option of getting free delivery. Please note that we do NOT offer free delivery to other countries. 

How fast can I get my package?

We deliver most packages within 2-5 working days with Postnord. We do not ship packages on weekends or public holidays (Swedish) - all orders made on Saturday or Sunday will be shipped on Monday.

Who delivers my order?

We use Postnord to deliver your order. Postnord ships with tracking service and delivers either to your home address, business address or a Postnord parcel shop location near you. Your choice.

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship to all countries in the EU, Norway, UK and Switzerland. Go to the check-out page to get a full list of countries. Please note that countries outside EU customers may be subjet to duties, additional taxes and VAT on their purchase. This is always the customers own responsibility and not in any case paid by VITAVIVA.

NOTE: There are different rules for categorizing dietary supplements in the different countries in the EU and there are differences in whether you as a private person can legally buy different dietary supplements. It is the sole responsibility of consumers to investigate the rules that apply in the country to which the consumer wants the goods sent. All supplements sold on VITAVIVA.com are shipped from Sweden and subject to Swedish rules on food supplements.

Help - I have not received my package?

We usually deliver within 2-5 working days. If you have not received your package, we recommend that you first check yourself the progress of your package by using the tracking number that you received in the email, when your package was sent. 

Then go to www.postnord.se and search for the tracking number. If you are unable to find the relevant information on Postnord's website, please contact us by email: viva@vitaviva.com or via our online chat and we will assist you as soon as possible.

Why is my package shipped from abroad?

Our warehouse is located in the Sweden, Malmö. From here we ship out all our orders, as we are a Swedish company.

I have not received any order confirmation?

If you have not received an order confirmation by email within approx. 5-10 minutes from the payment process, please check your spam filter. If you still have not received any order confirmation, please write to us at viva@vitaviva.com.

What if I want to return an item?

According to current legislation, all customers have a 14-day right of withdrawal. All returned goods, however must be returned to us at your own expense. We recommend that you use a traceable shipping method, so that you have proof that the package has been sent back to our warehouse in Malmö, Sweden. Please read more under the section Complaints / Returns, where you will find the procedure for return as well as information about return address.

Is it possible to cancel or change my order?

Once your order has been shipped, it is no longer possible to cancel or change the order. Before the time of dispatch, cancellations or changes can in most cases be made by writing to viva@vitaviva.com. This service is only available during office hours, which is between 9-15.

Why does the price of a product change after I have chosen the shipping country?

The amount may change due to the different VAT rates in the different countries and therefore the amount is not final*, until you have selected the country of shipment at check out. 

*Customs, additional taxes and VAT may be applicable for certain countries outside the EU - please investigate for your own country of residence.

* Within the EU, no additional customs will apply but the VAT rates differ from EU country to EU country.

I have not taken supplements before - where should I start?

Dietary supplements can seem like a jungle. At Vitaviva we strive to help you as best we can. You can click HERE and read about our general recommendations, but since everyone has different needs and wishes, we offer personal advice via our online chat, which you will find in the bottom right corner. Our qualified online chat agents are ready to guide you based on your lifestyle and your wishes - the online chat is available weekdays from 9am through 4 pm. You are also welcome to send us an email at viva@vitaviva.com.

How is VITAVIVA different from other dietary supplement brands?

Our products typically boasts higher dosages than many other supplements on the market - this is, among other things, what makes them so effective. In addition, we use many natural plants, herbs and vegetables - both to benefit from their natural effect, but also to optimize the absorption of vitamin combinations. As a Swedish company, we work under EU legislation, which is why all our products follow the recommendations from EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).

I think your prices are a bit high, why?

There are several aspects that affect the price of our products. First, we use high dosages, meaning that you have to take less tablets, to get the same effect or even more effect. In addition, we use many plants, herbs and vegetables in our products - and these ingredients are more expensive for us to use than exclusively synthetically made ingredients. Many of our products are composed of complex compositions of many different ingredients, which the price also reflects - especially when natural plants and herbs are included. It is important for us to emphasize that a multivitamin pill is not just a multivitamin pill. There is a huge difference in the composition, dosage and absorbability of the tablet. Subsequently, this also makes a big difference in what your body ultimately benefits from the multivitamin.

Is It Safe To Take Dietary Supplements?

It is important to buy high quality supplements from a reliable supplier. VITAVIVA has more than 25 years of experience in the production and sale of dietary supplements. Our manufacturers are all food safety certified and we test the products in independent laboratories, to ensure quality.

Can I overdose supplements?

It will depend on the combination of supplements and the amount of these. We recommend that you write to us on our online chat or at viva@vitaviva.com, where our agents  are more than happy to advise you in relation to your personal preferences.

I take prescription medication - is it safe to take supplements?

As a general rule, you should always consult your doctor if you are taking prescription medication and also want to take supplements. We are not allowed to advise you about any potential interactions - this information you need to ask the doctor who has prescribed your prescription medication.

There is a lot of vitamin A in your products, can I not get too much of it?

We use vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene, which is a precursor to vitamin A. According to the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), there is no upper limit for beta-carotene intake. Therefore, you can safely take our products, which contain high doses of vitamin A in beta-carotene form.

What should I take if I am pregnant?

We recommend our VITAMAMA contained the recommended vitamins and minerals to support you and your baby, as well as Omega 3 from fish when you are pregnant.  We recommend that you take VITAMAMA 3 months before your pregnancy, during your pregnancy and also preferably when you are breastfeeding.

When is the best time of the day to take my supplements?

It depends on what supplements you are taking. As a starting point, we recommend that most supplements be taken with a meal and always with water. However, there are some supplements that are best on an empty stomach - eg Probiotics. You will find the specific recommendations for each supplement under the description of the product. If you are in doubt, you can always write to us on our online chat or viva@vitaviva.com

I have trouble sleeping, what can help?

We often recommend taking Magnesium if you experience difficulty sleeping. It has a relaxing effect on your muscles and body. If you have already tried magnesium, without obtaining the desired effect, please contact us on our chat or via email at viva@vitaviva.com for further guidance.

How long is the shelf life of VITAVIVA's products?

Our products have a 2 or 3-year shelf life from the production date. You will find the Best before date at the bottom of each bottle. The products can safely be consumed for up to 3 years from the date of production, but the dosage decreases over time.

Where can I buy VITAVIVA's products?

Our products are sold exclusively on our webshop, which is why you will not find them in various health stores or supermarkets. We have deliberately chosen this strategy, so that we can best provide advice on our products and give you the best experience. 

How can I update my profile?

If you have created a profile on our webshop in connection with a purchase, then you can log in and change the information under "ACCOUNT" at the top of the webshop. If you did not succeed in this, please contact us by email: viva@vitaviva.com and we will help you as soon as possible. Naturally, we comply with the applicable rules for the data processing of your personal information and acceptance of cookies. Read more here.

I think you use a lot of plastic, why?

We continuously try to balance, how packaging and climate footprints can be optimized. For example, our packaging material is produced right next to the actual production of the dietary supplements, so that transport and CO2 emissions are minimized. We are considering alternative packaging instead of the recyclable plastic packaging we currently use, but have not yet found the optimal solution when it comes to both CO2 emissions and other climate impacts. Further, food supplements are also subject to strict legal requirements on packaging to ensure durability, including no UV radiation, air tightness etc.

However, we understand and respect the importance of this area, which is why we hope to be able to offer our products in more environmentally friendly packaging soon, including refill products. We thank you for your feedback and patience with us in this area.