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The Vitaglow Test - After 6 months
glow test

In May 2020, we revealed the results of our VITAGLOW TEST based on 10 women taking VITAGLOW for 3 months. A test that we are extremely proud of! Out of curiosity we chose to continue the VITAGLOW treatment on 3 women for another 3 months - a total of 6 months daily intake of VITAGLOW followed by a skin scan and evaluation. Here are the final results - we are super proud!


First of all a small presentation of VITAGLOW, if you do not already know the product :)

VITAGLOW is not just a collagen supplement for the skin, but a unique combination of vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, collagen and organic coconut oil with the purpose of strengthen and support the skin's firmness, elasticity and glow.

VITAGLOW is not A SINGLE tablet to take on a daily basis, but a combination of 6 capsules, which gives you high doses of the various micronutrients that are intended to support your skin.

It is the combination of the nutrients that gives VITAGLOW its powerful effect.



With her 18 years in the beauty industry, Line Friis is among Denmark's leading cosmetologists. She is the founder of the Dare to Care clinic, a beautiful holistic beauty clinic centrally located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Line Friis has won awards for her special holistic approach to beauty, and her treatments have been nominated and won a Danish Beauty Award in 2013, 2016, and 2019. Furthermore, Line has developed signature treatments for Danish skincare brands like Rudolph Care and Karmameju Skincare.

In 2017 & 2018 Line was also part of the judging panel at the Danish Beauty Awards.


 "At the clinic, we use Reveal Imager's scanning device,  because it gives an accurate picture of all layers of the skin," says Line Friis.

From the surface to deep layers in the skin. We can see blood vessels, pigmentations, deep wrinkles, skin damage, and yes, actually "everything". The device does not specify numbers (like giving the skin an "age-number"), but accurate images of the skin's layers in detail. These details are analyzed by me and my team."

"I look at everything in the skin; moisture, sensitivity, immune system, dryness, sebum/oil production, wrinkles, impurities, inflammation, clogged pores, bacterial growth, etc."

The results of this test are assessed based on Line Friis' expertise and experience.


We have especially chosen to highlight Lone's results, as Line Friis was hugely impressed with these. Lone is 52 years old and has been taking VITAGLOW every day for 6 months.

Lone comments on her experience with the following statement and is extremely happy with the result;
"VITAGLOW is a great supplement for my skin, because of the special selection of nutrients and collagen. Not only does it work on my facial complexion, but it also provides a significant improvement of the whole body's glow, elasticity and minimization of wrinkles. Wellness comes from within - that's why VITAGLOW has become a daily must for me to maintain glowing and healthy skin."
- Lone, test person 6 months
Line Friis' comments on Lone's results:
"Lone has managed to totally remove the sensitivity in her skin - notice the difference in redness of the skin on the back of the nose and cheeks from January to August. Even blood vessels have been minimized and her skin has improved on many parameters - both in terms of moisture, fine lines and wrinkles. The biggest difference, however, is the sensitivity, where she has achieved results that can usually only can be achieved with laser surgery. I am impressed!"
Dorte also signed up for the test voluntarily in January and has taken VITAGLOW on a daily basis for 6 months. Dorte comments on her treatment with the following statement and is extremely happy with the result;
"Never have I tried anything that has given such positive results on my skin! I'm surprised and super happy with my "new" skin - and it only gets better with each daily pack I take"

- Dorte, test person 6 months
Line Friis' comments on Dorte's results:
"Dorte has achieved more firmness in her skin! It is more plump and looks much more feminine. The coarser lines between the eyebrows and around the lips are reduced, and has left her with a mild expression. Likewise, her pores and skin structure has become finer. The skin is less sensitive and feels more moistured."
Merete is 59 years and works daily as a skin therapist. She has been super curious and excited about the results. Below you can read her own statement and Line's assessment of Merete's results.
"It is incredible what another 3 months consumption of VITAGLOW can do. The scan at Line Friis' showed further improvements on one of my eyelids. My sebum production was also further improved, and subjectively I feel that the skin has become firmer, just as the jaw line also feels more tightened. I have been very happy with the VITAGLOW treatment, and will definitely continue to take it on a daily basis."

- Merete, test person 6 months
Line Friis' comments on Meretes's results:
"I could see that the skin was tightened around the jaw area. The same goes for an area around her eyelid - this we already noticed with her 3 month scan. Merete also had fewer impurities and generally firmer skin. She seemed very happy with the result herself."