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Q&A with Mette Skjærbæk
Q&A with Mette Skjærbæk

We are often asked about cellulite, as well as how to minimize the small bumps on the thighs through diet and lifestyle. We have therefore allied ourselves with skincare nerd, Mette Skjærbæk - who also is the creative director of Karmameju Skincare. We asked her about her best tips on how to minimize cellulite, which you can read more about in the below newsletter ...

About cellulite:
Cellulite is a nuisance to some and for others not a problem. From our perspective; happy people are beautiful people, which is why it is important to point out that we do not think there is anything wrong with cellulite, however many have asked us: how do I get rid of it or minimize it?  Which is why we are sharing, some well-intentioned and overall health-promoting advice, that we hope you can use.


But why do we get it? 

 Cellulite appears because the fat in the subcutaneous tissue accumulates in small "caves" in the connective tissue between the epidermis and the muscles. The older we get, the stiffer the connective tissue becomes, and the more visible the bumps become. Cellulite is also said to be hereditary and therefore some women are predisposed to cellulite, even at an early age (1).



At Karmameju we advocate dry brushing the skin with specially developed body dry brushes. Dry brushing is a centuries-old ritual that stimulates blood circulation, as well as the nervous and lymphatic systems. It removes dry skin, and then prevents and combats cellulite.

In a study from the University of Sunderland in England, researchers found that daily dry brushing reduced the test subjects' cellulite by an average of 26% in just 5 weeks.

In the study, dry brushing gave better results than both exercise and cellulite creams. Imagine if the subjects had the dry brush for 1 year! The researchers were so surprised at the result and concluded that it had to be the daily "scrubbing around the fat depots" which caused the more uniform surface of the skin.

You can read more about why I dry brush HERE: because there are many good reasons why I do.



If we look at the body from the inside, this is where the foundation of healthy skin begins.  It is always advantageous for the human body to be in a basic state rather than in an acidic state. This applies both to healthy and beautiful skin, but more importantly in the fight against disease, joint pain, fatigue symptoms, and much more.

Basic foods, not surprisingly, are foods such as avocado, cucumber, root vegetables, herbal teas, lentils etc.  Acidic foods are, for example, coffee, sugar, beef and pork, yeast, cheese etc..

A good acid/base balance in your diet is, therefore, an advantage for many good reasons, including the skin, and yes - the formation of cellulite, which occurs more easily in a body that is not in a healthy balance. I highly recommend reading up on the acid/base diet for a generally healthier body.



Exercise is also healthy for a lot of reasons. I am a big fan of choosing the type of exercise that suits your body best! For example, I have worn joints due to my earlier days as a gymnast and on top of that, a very hypermobile body. I used to run a lot when I was younger, and unfortunately, my body is not optimal for doing sports where the body gets too many "shocks". That is why I now only do pilates, reformer, Living Yolates, and the kind of training that strengthens the body, but without the shocks to the joints, etc.. It is important for me not to damage the body more than I have already done.


Exercise promotes blood circulation in the body, it promotes the oxygenation of cells, and supports the bodies own detoxification system - again an important element for a generally healthy body, as well as the prevention of cellulite.

"I love that much of what we can do to counteract elements such as cellulite is health-promoting on so many other levels as well. I see myself as a bit of an old-fashioned peasant wife. I believe in eating a diet that still looks like when nature created it, and then "seasoned" with sweets and chips now and then - I like the 80/20 balance ... 80% of the time I respect the body and the remaining 20% I please my cravings. The most important part is when you shop your foods at the grocery store! This is where we have to make the right choices - because we eat what we buy!  Fortunately for us, we can always add supplements specifically designed to promote the body's health in the areas that are most important to each of us."

-  Mette Skjærbæk




This product works really well with dry brushing and aims to contribute to the greater effect when you brush the body.

Cellulite Away is a potent blend of natural ingredients such as niacin (vitamin B3), cayenne pepper, ginger, hawthorn, L-arginine, Butcher's Broom Root, and more. Many of the ingredients have been linked to blood circulation for countless years due to their natural stimulation (for example, when you eat hot food, blood circulation starts because the body is heated). The same effect is the purpose of the ingredients in Cellulite Away. In particular, many exciting articles have been written about niacin (B3) in connection with the maintenance of the skin, as well as stimulation of blood circulation.
As Mette writes in the beginning of the newsletter, the appearance of cellulite is enhanced with age as the connective tissue becomes stiffer with time and the skin naturally loses its firmness. In this case, a supplement with high-quality collagen is relevant!

You naturally produce collagen in your body. Collagen acts as the building block for your bones, teeth, muscles, skin, joints, and connective tissue. Think of it as the glue that holds your body together. With age, your own production of collagen decreases, which is why your skin loses firmness.

Our VITAGLOW includes 1650 mg pure collagen from grass-fed cattle that naturally contain type I and III collagen. In addition, VITAGLOW contains a number of essential vitamins and antioxidants that support beautiful and glowing skin.




In relation to Mette's advice on "acid/base" diet, our Organic Greens is the PERFECT supplement to add to your diet. It is based solely on organic vegetables and berries in concentrated form. It's an easy way to increase your green daily intake.

We call it our "greens powder" on a tablet. Most greens powders come in loose powders and are made to be added to smoothies or shakes. You can easily take our Organic Greens tablets with a quick glass of water. If you wish, you can of course also add them to your smoothie.

We recommend 2-4 pieces daily for optimum effect