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New Ambassadors - Maria Barfod & Bart Van Maanen
Maria & Bart

We are so happy to welcome two new ambassadors to the VITAVIVA family - Maria Barfod & Bart Van Maanen. 

Below you can read about their everyday health routines and favourite supplements! We hope they will inspire you!


Maria Barfod, 41 years old and my main profession is DJ, but I have worked with my body my whole life. I started dancing as a 6-year-old, and from the age of 14, it became a profession. Unfortunately, a chronic injury put an end to that career when I was 23 years old - which led me to yoga and made me complete two yoga educations. I find the body extremely exciting which is why I also focus on it as my way of living. I am trained as a modern dancer at Gaardbo Dans, have two yoga training educations and recently I graduated as a nutritionist.

"I eat according to the 80/20 rule. 80% is focused on health and what I know is good for me - 20% is based on desire. I always make sure my body is well hydrated and take my daily supplements to support my diet."

For as long as I can remember I have been struggling with a dysfunctional digestion. The various dietary supplements really helps and stimulate my digestion. Once every 6 months I do a total gut cleanse, just to reset my body.
Maria's Favourites
WATER AWAY is a potent blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs and vegetables which have a natural diuretic effect to support water retention.
This B12 is a chewable tablet with a mild cherry flavour. It is based on 1000 mcg Methylcobalamin and is great if you fx eat a vegetarian or plantbased diet.
Mood Formula is a special combination of vitamins (several B vitamins), minerals, herbs and amino acids, including GABA, 5-HTP, Ashwagandha Root etc.
The 15 Day Cleanse is an effective gut cleanse! It is made to stimulate your bowel and to help you beat bloating or constipation during a 15 day cleanse period.

For 12 years I have been working as a fulltime model around the globe. Staying healthy and fit is key for me.

Every day I try to squeeze in some exercise. Cycling, running, functional fitness or just a walk around the park. Lots of flying and in-regular sleep patterns are pretty bad so I try to fight it by staying fit and healthy.

I started taking Vitaviva to support my in-regular sleep patterns and lots of travels with less nutritious food. And as a support for my training for the Iron Man Triathlon.

" Watch what you eat and make sure to move a lot. But also stay happy, don’t completely skip all your guilty pleasures. I love a nice dinner with drinks, that makes me happy so I balance it out." 

My favourite products are Vitasport and Vitaman! Very easy to take because they both come in pre-packed daily dosages. I feel better and recover much faster. It gives me an extra bit of support! 

VITAMAN is a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, organic vegetables and organic coconut oil, specially formulated to support men's overall health.


VITASPORT is the optimal composition of supplements for athletes at all levels. The product contains daily doses packed in small sheets - easy to bring on the go and keep in your gym bag to take after a great workout.