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Top 3 Supplements to Bring on your Holiday!
Summer Holiday - What Vitamins to Pack?

It's time for the summer holidays and we have collected our top 3 products to bring in your suitcase to support your body during traveling!

We hope you get inspired and we wish you an amazing holiday

1. V I T A D A I L Y

This is the perfect supplement to bring on your holiday, keeping your immune function and daily health on top.  

The small daily dose bags contains 4 x multivitamin, 1 x omega 3, 1 x Vitamin D, and 1 x Vitamin C.

And you just need 1 bag a day - easy!

If you are traveling for 8 days, then you just bring 8 small bags, and you are set for the trip!


2. P R O B I O T I C S

If you often end up on the toilet during your holiday abroad because of a sensitive gut - then we always recommend taking a probiotic before traveling and during your trip.

The healthy bacteria strains in probiotics will support your own flora in the gut, making sure your gut stays on track.

Our Probiotic 30 billion is a potent probiotic with 30 billion bacteria per capsule.


3. C O N S T I P A T I O N ?

Opposite to above situation where you go to the toilet too many times - many also experience that their gut stops working when going on holiday.

This means bloating and constipation - not very nice to deal with on your holiday!

Our best tip is to bring a couple of 7 Day Cleanse bags to restart the gut. It's a great natural way to get your bowels going again.

You can also do it with our 15 Day Cleanse - bring 4-5 capsules for "emergency" situations with constipation.