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Great News About Vitamin D!

These days Vitamin D is finally getting some of the acknowledge it deserves! Health authorities around Europe are starting to update their recommendations and guidelines about Vitamin D.

Where, what and why - read along below!



In countries like United Kingdom and Denmark, health authorities (NHS & SST) has updated their daily recommendations and guidelines about Vitamin D. The new guidelines are particularly related to supporting the population's level of Vitamin D during the winter months (October-April) - and making sure especially elderly and vulnerable parts of the populations are covered with the basic needs. 


United Kingdom NHS (National Health Service) is now offering FREE Vitamin D to certain vulnerable groups of the population this winter. This service will be available for more than 2,5 Mio people. This is an amazing opportunity for people who are not able to buy Vitamin D themselves or not aware of the importance of Vitamin D!

In Denmark, health authorities have just updated their daily recommendations about Vitamin D. The changes are made based on a recent scientific study made by The Danish Cancer Society. The study shows that almost every fifth Dane who does not take vitamin supplements lacks vitamin D when spring arrives (source). The new Danish recommendations are now comparable to recommendations from e.g. United Kingdom and The Netherlands. See below new recommendations from the Danish health authorities.



  1. ALL adults and children from the age of 4 are recommended to take a dietary supplement with 5-10 μg of vitamin D during the winter (from October to April).
  2. For some population groups, i.a. pregnant women, children under the age of 4, and nursing home residents, a preventive supplement of vitamin D is recommended throughout the year:
    1. 10 mcg Vitamin D daily ALL YEAR AROUND is recommended for:
      • Children 0 - 4 years (D-drops, which from the age of 1½ can be replaced by a multivitamin tablet)
      • Children and adults who wear a covering attire during summer
      • Children and adults with dark skin
      • Pregnant women
      • People who do not come outdoors on a daily basis or who avoid sunlight
  3. 20 mcg Vitamin D daily ALL YEAR ROUND combined with 800-1000 mg calcium is recommended for:
    • People above 70 years
    • Nursing home residents
    • Individuals at increased risk for osteoporosis regardless of age

Source: https://www.sst.dk/da/viden/ernaering/anbefalinger-om-d-vitamin 



Sunlight is the main source of Vitamin D - you also get a limited amount from food like fatty fish, eggs, and red meat - however, the sun is important for you to cover your basic needs.

So how do we define "enough sunlight"? Sufficient exposure to sunlight is defined as 15–30 min spent outdoors daily in the midday sun (between 11:00 and 15:00 h) from March to November with head and hands bare, without burning (source) The 30 min are in line with the Dutch Guideline for Healthy Physical Activity for adults. 

Very few are able to comply with the above guidelines as most of us are at work indoors at 11-15 during the day. This is why many people worldwide are lacking Vitamin D (source).


When talking supplements and VITAMIN D the most common types are D2 or D3. We always recommend taking D3 as it is the most active and effective form of VITAMIN D. 

Make sure you are aware of this when you go shopping for VITAMIN D. Some VITAMIN D supplements are already mixed with an oil, some are not. If it's not, make sure to take your VITAMIN D with an oil fx omega 3 or with a meal that contains fat, as it will help to improve the absorbability because Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin.

The EU Scientific Committee on Food (EFSA) has set an upper safe limit for daily intake, which is:

  • 25 mcg for infants from 0 - 6 months
  • 50 mcg for children from 6 months - 10 years 
  • 100 mcg for children from 11 years and adults, incl. pregnant and lactating women.

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