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Back to the "New" normal

The holiday is over for most of us and gradually everyday life is beginning again. But everyday life is not quite as it used to be - we citizens must still take precaution, follow new social guidelines and accept our new reality. Which is why you must not forget to take extra good care of your immune system.


Your immune system depends on your lifestyle and diet. This means that what you consume and the way you live your life affect the resilience of your immune system. We always recommend that the main source of nutrition should come from your diet, but in addition, there are several factors that you need to be aware of if you are to maintain a healthy and resilient body.



1.  EAT real food, lots of greens and organic!
Especially leafy green vegetables and colorful vegetables and fruits. They are rich in vitamin C, which supports a healthy and well-functioning immune system. In addition, a healthy and fibrous diet contributes to a normal body weight, which is also recommended to maintain when it comes to the body's resilience (ref.).

2. Stay active! 
Research has shown that regular exercise can help maintain a healthy number of young T lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell) as we get older. In addition, the T cells are pumped around the system when the blood circulation is increased, which is why the immune system is further activated (ref.).

3. Respect your need for sleep!
When you sleep, your body undergoes a number of important processes such as cleansing of your brain, as well as organs and regeneration of the body's muscles etc. It is therefore important that you respect your body's need for sleep to give it optimal conditions to function. It is generally recommended that you get 7-9 hours each night (ref.).

4.  Stress down!
Stress for extended periods of time can affect the effectiveness of your immune system. When you are stressed, you secrete stress hormones and these affect the body's immune cells. Stress is not necessarily a bad thing for short periods where you need to focus or concentrate. However, stress over extended periods (months) can be harmful and must be taken seriously  (ref.)

5. Support your diet with the right supplements!
Few people manage to eat a perfectly balanced diet - and there are some nutrients that are difficult to eat. It takes a lot of discipline - do you get your 600 g of organic greens a day? This is where supplements can support your lifestyle. They can act as a safety net for you to get the right amounts of micronutrients you need on a daily basis. Below you can see which supplements we recommend to support the immune system. (ref.)

Our VITAMAX multivitamin is a high-dose multivitamin formulated with essential vitamins and minerals. Including both vitamin C, vitamin D, selenium, zinc and magnesium, all of which support a well-functioning immune system.

In addition, it is formulated with a lot of green - including algae, herbs and vegetables. We call it our green multivitamin and we have not found a similar one on the market, which is why we are very proud of it.

Recommended daily dose: 4 tablets

VITADAILY is a practical combination of important supplements, packed in small sachets and easy to take on a daily basis.

Each daily small pack contains 7 tablets:

4 x VITAMAX multivitamin
1 x Vitamin C Booster (1000mg)
1 x D3 1500 iu / 37,5 mcg
1 x Omega 3 Oil (organic flaxseed oil)

It contains high doses of  Vitamin C, Selenium, Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin D3, all of which support a healthy functioning immune system on a daily basis.

VITAVEGAN is formulated to support a plant-based diet. It is a unique combination of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, herbs, algae, vegetables, oils and probiotics.

VITAVEGAN focus on the micronutrients that you risk not getting enough of, when choosing a vegan lifestyle.

VITAVEGAN contains magnesium, selenium, zinc, vitamin D and a high dose of vitamin C, all of which contribute to a healthy immune system.

Vitamin C is probably the most explored vitamin of all time - and the most commonly known. Humans are not able to produce vitamin C themselves - which is why we need to get it through our diet. Vitamin C is naturally found in vegetables and fruits such as; dark green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, red pepper and kiwi.

Vitamin C contributes to a well-functioning immune system, which is why this dietary supplement is relevant in connection with our current everyday life, where we need to take extra good care of ourselves.

Vitamin D contributes, among other things, to the function of the immune system - especially the function of T and B cells, which are essential immune cells (ref.). Vitamin D is tricky to get through your diet - and the main source of vitamin D is through the sun. Low levels of vitamin D are unfortunately very common - especially in the Nordic countries, where there is limited access to the sun half of the year. In addition, many of us spend a lot of our time indoors, on daily basis, as we work at offices and use cars / public transport to get to work. It is estimated that around 1 billion people worldwide are low on vitamin D, which is why it is also taken seriously by various international health authorities (ref.).

If you also want to support the immune system of your little ones, then our VITAKIDS IMMUNE BOOSTER is an option.

VITAKIDS IMMUNE BOOSTER is a tasty NATURAL vitamin gummy with vitamin C, zinc and elderberry juice made for children aged 2-12 years. The soft gummies are based on natural flavors and natural colors - there are NO artificial additives or sweeteners.

It is with its high level of vitamin C (from elderberry juice and ascorbic acid) and Zinc, formulated to support the child's immune system