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Mads Emil Møller

Tell me a little about yourself

I am a creative soul with many passions, and a positive outlook on life. I am 37 and self-employed creative consultant, stylist, host and dj. I have previously been fashion editor at the magazines Cover Man and Dossier, and communications manager at CIFF.

What is your daily routine?

Right now, I get up at. 5.45 three days a week to train at 6.30. Some of the other days I allow myself to sleep a little longer. When I'm working, none of my days are the same. As a self-employed person, I am always on the go, either by bike or on foot through Copenhagen for a meeting, a shoot, an event, or to pick up or drop off clothes. My evenings need to be calm and relaxing - very important for me.

What is your approach to a healthy lifestyle?

I live by ‘everything in moderation’ and it is inspired by my mom and dad. So I make sure not to be too extreme with anything, always listening to my body and eating varied. That being said, I have never consumed alcohol or smoked a cigarette, and it may also be a bit extreme in someone's optics, but it has never been interesting to me ;) 

Why are you taking VITATIVA? How do they affect your everyday life?

I take VITAVIVA because I trust the good people behind it, and believe that I need the right supplements for a busy and active life.

Is VITAVIVA different from other supplements you have taken?

Yes, I have in the past thrown myself into all sorts of supplements on trips to the US without getting properly acquainted with the products and what I really needed. With VITAVIVA, I get the support and understanding I need to know what's good for me, and it gives me peace of mind.

What are your favorite products from VITAVIVA?

I love VITAMAX, the new VITAMAN and ENERGY BOOSTER on select days where I just need an extra kick!

Is there a mantra you know about?

All in a way, live, smile, breathe and enjoy you are here while you are here!

  1. Stress B Vitamin B+C / 270 tablets

    Expected in stock week 24/25

    *Note that payment for the order is made at the time of ordering to reserve the product. If you order other items, these will be shipped first along with your pre-order when it is in stock. If you wish to have other products shipped now, you will need to create 2 separate orders.

    Price per daily dosage €0.20


    Stress B + C is formulated to support the body and mind during busy and stressful periods, through a generous supply of B-complex vitamins along with vitamin C, minerals and a number of soothing herbs. 

    B Vitamins are many different vitamins, all of which are water soluble. They can be excreted from the body with the urine. The B Vitamins work together in a complex biological collaboration. They form part of the body's enzyme processes, where some dominate more or less than others.


    B Vitamins contributes to normal energy yielding metabolism, normal functioning of the nervous system, normal psychological function and normal mental performance, normal function of the heart, normal homocysteine metabolism and normal cysteine synthesis, normal red blood cell formation, normal function of the immune system, plays a role in cell division, normal protein and glycogen metabolism, normal macronutrient metabolism, regulation of hormonal activity, normal function of the heart, maintenance of normal mucous membranes and red blood cells, maintenance of normal skin, hair and normal vision and normal metabolism of iron.

    This product is VEGAN and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 

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  2. VITASPORT Dose packs / 30 daydoses

    Price per daily dosage €2 (6 tablets/capsules)


    We have developed this product for athletes who want to support their body the best way possible. Whether you do Crossfit, long-distance running, or weight lifting in the gym, you stress and strain the body. It is therefore important that you give your body the best possible conditions through your diet and lifestyle choices. The true purpose of VITASPORT is to support your body.

    Each daily dose consists of:

    Each daily dose contains 6 pcs. of supplements. 


    VITASPORT is the optimal composition of supplements for athletes at all levels. The product contains daily doses packed in small sheets - easy to bring on the go and keep in your gym bag to take after a great work out.

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  3. VITAMAN Dose packs / 30 daydoses

    Price per daily dosage €2 (6 tablets/capsules)


    VITAMAN is a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, organic vegetables and Omega 3 fish oil, specially formulated to support men's overall health. Packed in 30 individual bags, they are easy to carry on the go. VITAMAN is the ultimate daily base for men + 30 years.

    VITAMAN's daily dose consists of:

        •  2 x Prostate Support

        •  3 x VITAMAX multivitamin

        •  1 x Omega 3 oil 


    This product is tailormade for men +30 years to take on a daily basis.

    Read more about VITAMAN in below desciptions.

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