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Feeling 5 kg Heavier Than Yesterday?

Are your jeans, dress or shoes suddenly feeling too tight and you don't really know why?

It's a feeling most of us can relate too. Our weight and body is not only depending on fat, bones and muscles - but also greatly on the amount of water our body holds on to. It's surprising how many of us are not aware of the extra water in our body and why it stays there!

Your body is always trying to talk to you - and if you from day to day feel sudden changes in your weight, then maybe you have a problem with water retention? How to solve it - read along for inspiration!

3 things that cause water retention:


Super busy and stressed at the moment? If you look back on the last month or weeks - maybe you have been feeling mentally stressed. A lot of us are under pressure due to the current state of the world and it gets to us!

If the body is feeling stressed - mentally or physically - it's natural instinct is to hold on to anything important, just in case it needs it later. And that includes water, because it is vital to the body's survival.



We love to hate them, even though they are good for some body functions, the light and refined carbohydrates are bad for others - especially when it comes to water retention.

Maybe you have been eating too many refined carbohydrates compared to what your body can handle. White bread, potatoes, rice or pasta? Sounds too familiar looking back on your diet? Maybe it's time to cut back.

Salt is great - we need salt in our body - however too much salt is not good! Especially when it comes to water retention. Salt binds the water in your body and if you get too much salt, you will automatically get too much water as well.

Actually the salt you put on your food is the least of your salt problem - it's the hidden salt you need to worry about. There is a lot salt in processed foods link dressings, ketchup, crisps, take away and breakfast cereals. 

Make sure to slow down and get sleep - and lot's of it. Sleep is very important for you body to recover from the work and actions you do during the day. Respect your body's need for sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep in the evening, try to take Magnesium before bedtime. It will help your body and muscles relax.

It may sound strange, but when you have trouble with water retention, you actually need to drink more water. Start the morning with a glass of water with lemon. Make sure to cut down on the refined carbs and the salt - you will feel change within a week. 
Our Water Away is formulated to support water retention and weightloss. It contains vitamins, minerals, herbs and berries which have a natural diuretic effect including; dandelion leaf, green tea extract, cranberry powder, juniper berries, bucchu leaves, applecider vinegar and watermelon powder. 

All specifically chosen to help your body to get rid of excess water. 

We advice taking Water Away as a 30-day treatment or occationally when you feel the need.