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4 Expert tips for Winter skin!
Winter Skin

Winter is though on your skin! The combination of freezing outdoor temperatures and the dry indoor heat will challenge the balance of the skin. Many of us are feeling dry, red and flakey! We have asked award winning holistic skin therapist. Line Friis, about her top 4 advices to take care of your winter skin.

1. The Winter Coat!

The best way to get  your skin through the cold winter months is to use an extra cream on top of your regular day cream. We also call this the "winter coat". 

The cream must have a high lipid content (fat) as it retains moisture in the skin and protects the delicate skin on your cheeks. Use it every time you go outside for longer periods - especially if you are running or winter bathing!

2. Use a night oil!
Sleep with a good face oil. 70% of the moisture in our skin evaporates during the night. If you use an oil on your skin, it will help you "trap" the moisture in your skin during the night. Use it on top of your normal evening skincare routine. In this way you prevent moisture loss and you also make sure that the active ingredients you have applied penetrate more safely into the skin.

3. Get The Glow Back!
There are many things you can do to get the glow back into your winter skin. It's all about getting the blood flow going and getting red cheeks! Go for a good run, winter bathe, eat lots of carrots or do a 5 minute facial massage each day. Massage increases blood flow and oxygenates the skin so that a natural glow is easily achieved.

4. The Healthy Fat!
Make sure to get enough healthy fats to moisturize your skin from within. You get the essential fats through your diet and supplements. Every cell in your body benefits from the healthy fatty acids! However as your skin is always the last organ to get supplies from your body, it is important that you get enough of them on a daily basis. Are you getting enough? Great sources are fx fatty fish, nuts, avocado, coconut oil and olive oil.


Line Friis is also a big fan of our VITAGLOW! See her reaction to a client using VITAGLOW over a 6 months test period:
"The sensitivity in Lone’s skin is completely gone. Even blood vessel ruptures have disappeared and her skin has improved on many parameters - both in terms of moisture, fine lines, and wrinkles. The biggest difference is the sensitivity, however, where her skin has achieved results that can usually only be achieved with laser surgery. I am impressed! "

- Line Friis, award winning skincare therapist
Skin Loving Supplements!

Beside following Line Friis' excellent recommendations, you can also treat your skin from within with the right micronutrients! We have listed our most popular skin loving supplements below - they are ready to treat, plump and nourish your skin from within!

VITAGLOW is a unique combination of vitamins, hydrolyzed collagen, antioxidants, Q10 and organic coconutoil, to support the skin from within. It is our most luxurious skin care product.

VITAGLOW is a convenience package and contains 30 small individual daily dose parcels, it’s easy to bring on the go and you get for a month use (30 days) in one package.

Each VITAGLOW day dose contains:
2 x WRINKLES AWAY capsules
1 x Q10 capsule

Our COLLAGEN BOOSTER is a collagen supplement based on pure hydrolyzed collagen peptides from grass-fed cattle, types I and III, in capsules.

Collagen is the largest and most abundand protein in the body. It forms the connective tissue of your skin, hair, nails, bones and joints. Think of it as the glue that holds your body together. From the age of 30, our own natural collagen production begins to decline, which is why you experience fine lines in your skin and possible loss of firmness etc.

You can take Collagen Booster on a daily basis on top of your other supplements!



The 3 in 1 BEAUTY BOOSTER is a hair, skin, and nail formula designed to support beauty from the inside out. 

With a combination of essential nutrients such as Vitamin B, C and E along with Biotin, Zinc, Cobber, Silica, Hydrolized Collagen, powerful antioxidants and many more natural skin loving ingrediensts; this formula helps support the growth of hair, skin and nails.

It's a great daily supplement for women and men in all ages.



Wrinkles Away is a formula for the skin, containing Vitamin A + C + E, Niacimide, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Resveratrol, Alpha lipoic acid, Grape Seed, Glutathione, Turmeric and more.

It's perfect for a 30+ skin as many of the micronutrients are categorized as "anti-ageing" micronutrients. 

Wrinkles Away is a boost of antioxidants that contributes to healthy and fresh skin cells!



As Line mentions, it is important to get enough healthy fats to keep your skin moisturized and happy! 

Our Organic Coconut Oil gives you 1000 mg organic virgin coconut oil per capsule - a perfect healthy fat to support your winter skin from within! 

You can combine the Organic Coconut Oil with your daily supplements.