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Hanni Gohr is one of VITAVIVA's ambassadors. We have talked to her about beauty rituals and what makes her feel most comfortable!

Hanni works as a model, makes collages, and is creative on Instagram.
She grew up in a little town north of Esbjerg and has kept many values with her ​​from her childhood such as concern for the environment, good produce in cooking as well as the importance of dietary supplements.
Since she moved from her childhood home she has lived abroad for 10 years and now lives in an apartment in Copenhagen with her boyfriend, Rune Glifberg.
Morning rituals
Hanni wakes up early; in the winter by an alarm and in the summer with the sun. For the past 20 years an important morning ritual for Hanni has been to start the day off with a pot of green tea. The ritual of making a pot of green tea and waking up slowly creates a calmness that is important for her day.
In addition to the green tea Hanni also gets exercise into her morning routine at least 3 times a week: "I work out in the morning and it can be anything from yoga and reformer to running, and I try to do that at least 3 times a week - preferably more".
Beauty tips
Among Hanni's beauty tips sleep and sunscreen are at the top of the list.
But Hanni is also convinced that "beauty comes from within and the supplements Stress B with C and Amino 2 grams have had a big impact on my skin."
Hanni wants to be the best version of herself and is focused on strengthening the immune system. To feel strong it is important for Hanni to eat good and healthy food, exercise, and eat her daily dietary supplements. But it is also important mentally to enjoy wine, cakes, and chocolate.
"Dietary supplements is something I grew up with and VITAVIVA's supplements are developed by experts with modern ways of thinking supplements. It appeals to me that you can mix and match a universe of supplements around your body's needs."