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Olivia Cooney
Olivia Cooney

Olivia Cooney is the founder of PopUp Fitness, a new bespoke fitness company that offers 7 day long retreats in exclusive venues across Ibiza, Amsterdam, the South of France and Greece.

Tell us a little about yourself

I am the founder of Pop-Up Fitness Retreats, I actively run the business hosting retreats all over the world including; Ibiza, South of France, Switzerland, Mauritius and in the UK. I am founding head trainer of Peoples Place Gym in Amsterdam.

What is your everyday routine?

I work equally hard on all of my Pop-Up Fitness activity such as collaborations, events and retreats with training at Peoples Place Gym. It is incredibly fulfilling to enjoy two things so much. 

What is your approach to a healthy lifestyle?

Everything in perfect balance. I never cut anything out since I believe this sets you up to fail, I believe it working and training hard whilst enjoying life. 

Why did you start taking VITAVIVA? How do they affect your everyday life?

I started taking Vitaviva when we were introduced and I met Bianca who was so authentic in her passion and knowledge of her products that I trusted wholeheartedly the products without being disappointed. I love every single product.

Is VITAVIVA different than other supplements you have taken? If so, why?

Yes - its real, the background of vitaviva is what fills me with confidence. I am approached by different brands every day but none of them have the medical history and knowledge and authenticity of Vitaviva.

Which are your favorite VITAVIVA products and why?

I love the 15 day cleanse because you just feel fantastic and strong afterwards without much alteration to your diet throughout the cleanse. 

The Beauty boosters made my hair much thicker and nails stronger, and I also love the energy booster - that works miracles alongside the cleanse!

Do you have a mantra that you swear by?

Green juice in the week and champagne on the weekend  :) 

  1. 15 Day Cleanse Maximum strength



    15 Day Cleanse is a maximum strenght formula containing several natural and effective laxatives such as senna leaves, cascara sagrada, psyllium husks, l.acidophilus, aloe vera, flaxseed and more.

    If you suffer from constipation, your diet should include foods with high concentrations of fiber and foods that keep your gut flora healthy. 


    Natural laxatives are foods or herbs that allow you to cleanse your gut. Natural laxatives work in different ways. They can be divided into the following categories: Stimulant laxatives, Mechanical laxatives and Osmotic laxatives. 

    Stimulant laxatives are called cleansers that are considered stimulants because they function on the intestinal muscles and have certain components that also affect the colon to stimulate bowel movements. They also work on your intestinal walls and increase the production of minerals and fluids and decrease the ability of the intestines to absorb sodium and chlorine. Mechanical laxatives are fiber-rich laxatives that add volume to your stools, retain water and moisturize the intestinal walls, and help in the most natural way to promote bowel muscle movements to help you go to the bathroom. These include soluble and insoluble fibers.


    15 Day Cleanse can be used occasionally or as a 15 day cleansing program. We always advice to follow up a cleanse with Maintenance Cleanse for best result.


    We always recommend that you read the following guide before you start the cleanse: HOW TO CLEANSE?


    We get a lot of questions about; "What cleanse should I choose - 7 or 15 Day Cleanse?" The purpose of the products are so what the same - to cleanse your gut effectively. However the intensisity is different. We always recommend the 15 Day Cleanse, if it is the first time you are cleansing. The 7 Day Cleanse is more intense, as it has to do the same job as 15 Day Cleanse, but in half the time. If you have already done a 15 Day Cleanse, then you and your gut is familiar with the program and next time you can try the 7 Day Cleanse.

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  2. Energy Booster Vegan / 90 tablets


    Energy Booster takes its benefits from the natural Guarana Seed which are rich in caffeine and contain approximately 4-8% more caffeine than coffee beans.

    Guarana (pronounced gwa-ra-NAH) is a fruit native to Venezuela and Northern Brazil in the Amazon rain forest. The fruit is small, bright-red, and contains black seeds. Guarana seeds are rich in Caffeine and contain up to 4-8% Caffeine, more than coffee beans, which contain approximately 1–2.5% Caffeine. The seeds are also rich in Tannins and Xanthine Alkaloids Theophylline and Theobromine.

    This product should not be consumed by pregnant or nursing mothers nor children under 18.

    This product is VEGAN.

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