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Karlijn Visser
Karlijn Visser

Karlijn Visser is the founder of Holistik.nl - an online lifestyle magazine for "the stylish and sustainable".

Tell us a little about yourself?

I'm 31 and an entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word. I used to be a co-owner of Friend of the Brand, formerly known as Goodiebag Girl. In addition to these companies, I have worked in several magazines as a lifestyle journalist, and I completed my media & culture studies at the University of Amsterdam.

In April 2015, together with my best friend and business partner Evelyn van Hasselt, I decided to start a company that was closer to my heart. It became Holistik, an online magazine for stylish and sustainable do-gooders. Why? Because to live fully it requires courage. For all brave souls, Holistics is 'A guide to the greater you'. Growing as a person often hurts. But what you get in return is a fulfilling life based on your full potential, and that's what Holistik is about.

What is your approach to a healthy lifestyle?

I believe in preventative health care and the power of healing by mental health. The supplements from VITAVIVA fit the lifestyle I stand for. To help people stand in their purest power with the support of natural supplements.

Is VITAVIVA different from other supplements you have taken?

It's actually difficult to say… I like the design of the Vitaviva products and the supplements are pretty high in quality and daily dosage. It feels very good to use them!

Do you have a mantra that you swear by?

"In life you get what you have the courage to ask for." This is one of my favorite quotes from Oprah. It helps me get down to earth and not be shy about asking for what I really need.

What are your favorite VITAVIVA products and why?

Organic Coconut Oil: a multifunctional product that I also use on my skin when I have pimples or some redness. Coconut oil helps to disinfect the skin and it is against inflammation in the body due to the lauric acid.

Multivitamin Vitamax: beautiful base supplement for use in combination with pure eating.

If you could only choose one VITAVIVA product, what would it be?

Absolutely the 15-Day Cleanse! Twice a year I do a detox with the 15-Days Cleanse. I like the natural and soothing way to cleanse, recommended by VITAVIVA. So my body and mind are not completely stressed due to a lack of energy. After 15-Day Cleanse, I use the Maintenance Cleanse to help my intestines build up the flora.

  1. Vitamax 240 tablets



    Vitamax is a specially developed strong multivitamin - a combination of a multivitamin and a greens powder - that contains the following micronutrients:

    • Essential vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B9, B12, C, D, E, K) 
    • Essential minerals (calcium, iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, manganese, chromium, molybdenum, potassium, boron, vanadium)
    • Selected amino acids
    • Co-enzyme Q10
    • Algeas like spirulina and chlorella
    • Vegetables and herbs such as Wheat Grass Juice, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Spirulina, Chlorella, Beetroot, Ginger, Artichoke, gingko biloba, echinecea, apple pectin and more.


    Vitamax was developed based on Orthomolecular medical principles 20 years ago and has been optimized for 20 years for the product we are very proud of. Orthomolecular medicine can also be called organic medicine. Ortho means "the right", that is, the medicine of the right molecules. The term was coined by Nobel laureate Linus Pauling. Naturally-occurring substances are used for the prevention and treatment of disease with the aim of strengthening humans and animals so that they have everything they need to be able to strengthen their health and heal themselves. It can be a supply of beneficial substances such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, bio-flavonoids, essential fatty acids and hormones.

    Vitamax does NOT contain iron and copper. Contains B12 methylcobalamin.


    Vitamax is the foundation of VITAVIVA and is recommended for anyone over the age of 16 who wants to supplement their daily diet with a multivitamin. Vitamax is the ultimate base and that is why we have chosen Vitamax to be part of our Daily Dose products: VITADAILY, VITAMAN and VITAMAMA.

    We always recommends taking an oil with Vitamax as it helps in the absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins.

    A relevant oil could be Omega 3 oil from fish, Krill Oil, Coconut Oil and Flaxseed Oil (recommended for vegetarians and vegans).


    4 tablets with water and a meal. You get 240 tablets in this product.

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  2. Coconut Oil Organic / 100 capsules



    Our Organic Coconut oil is made from 100% virgin organic coconut oil. They come in beautiful white softgel capsules that keep the oil clean and fresh for your use. 


    Coconut oil is high in MCTs, a type of fat that your body metabolizes differently than most other fats. MCTs are responsible for many of the health benefits of coconut oil.


    These capsules with 100% organic coconut oil can used both inside as capsules and outside as cream for the skin or the hair. This is an organic and non-GMO formula.


    Everyone can benefit from this organic and virgin coconut oil. You can take it with your multivitamin, as an individual supplement or use the oil from the capsules on your skin. It's full of nourishment and often used in skincare- and haircareproducts as an moisturizing agent.

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  3. Maintenance Cleanse 90 capsules



    Maintenance Cleanse is a proprietary blend of ingredients: oat bran powder, prune powder, psyllium husks, aloe vera powder, l. acidophilus, bentonite clay, black walnut hull powder, flaxseed powder, apple pectin powder and glucomannan powder.

    Maintenance Cleanse works as a light cleanse to stimulte your digestion and bowel movements. It is not as effective as 15 Day Cleanse or 7 Day Cleanse.

    We always recommend to follow up 15 Day Cleanse and 7 Day Cleanse with Maintenance Cleanse, to secure the transition from the 15 Day Cleanse/ 7 Day Cleanse to your normal diet.


    This product is relevant if you wish to do a mild cleanse or if you have completed our 15/7 Day Cleanse.

    You take is as a 1 month treatment (2-3 capsules a day).

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  4. 15 Day Cleanse Maximum strength / 30 Capsules


    15 Day Cleanse is a maximum strength formula containing several natural and effective laxatives such as senna leaves, cascara sagrada, psyllium husks, l.acidophilus, aloe vera, flaxseed and more.

    This product is a great choice if you suffer from constipation, feeling bloated or having irregular visits to the toilet. It is made to stimulate your bowel in a limited period.


    Natural laxatives are foods or herbs that allow you to cleanse your gut. Natural laxatives work in different ways. They can be divided into the following categories: Stimulant laxatives, Mechanical laxatives and Osmotic laxatives. 

    Stimulant laxatives are called cleansers that are considered stimulants because they function on the intestinal muscles and have certain components that also affect the colon to stimulate bowel movements. They also work on your intestinal walls and increase the production of minerals and fluids and decrease the ability of the intestines to absorb sodium and chlorine. Mechanical laxatives are fibre-rich laxatives that add volume to your stools, retain water and moisturize the intestinal walls, and help in the most natural way to promote bowel muscle movements to help you go to the bathroom. These include soluble and insoluble fibres.


    15 Day Cleanse can be used occasionally or as a 15 day cleansing program. We always advise you to follow up a cleanse with Maintenance Cleanse for the best result.


    We always recommend that you read the following guide before you start the cleanse: HOW TO CLEANSE?


    We get a lot of questions about; "What cleanse should I choose - 7 or 15 Day Cleanse?" The purpose of the products is so what the same - to cleanse your gut effectively. However, the intensity is different. We always recommend the 15 Day Cleanse, if it is the first time you are cleansing. The 7 Day Cleanse is more intense, as it has to do the same job as 15 Day Cleanse, but in half the time. If you have already done a 15 Day Cleanse, then you and your gut are familiar with the program and next time you can try the 7 Day Cleanse.

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