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Bart Van Maanen
Bart Van Maanen

Tell a little about yourself?

For 12 years I have been working as a fulltime model around the globe. Staying healthy and fit is key.

What is your daily routine?

Every day I try to squeeze in some exercise. Cycling, running, functional fitness or just a walk around the park. Lots of flying and in-regular sleep patterns are pretty bad so I try to fight it by staying fit and healthy.

What is your approach to a healthy lifestyle?

Watch what you eat and make sure to move a lot. But also stay happy, don’t completely skip all your guilty pleasures. I love a nice dinner with drinks, that makes me happy so I balance it out.

Why are you taking VITAVIVA?

I started taking Vitaviva to support my in-regular sleep patterns and lots of travels with less nutritious food. And as a support for my training for the Iron Man Triathlon.

How do they affect your everyday life?

I feel better and recover much faster. It gives me an extra bit of support.

Is VITAVIVA different from other supplements you have taken?

I started straight away with Vitaviva, so I have no comparison view.

What are your favorite products from VITAVIVA?

Vitasport and Vitaman! Easy in a daily package.

Is there a mantra you swear by?

Staying healthy and fit is key

  1. VITAMAN Dose packs / 30 daydoses

    Price per daily dosage €2 (6 tablets/capsules)


    VITAMAN is a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, organic vegetables and Omega 3 fish oil, specially formulated to support men's overall health. Packed in 30 individual bags, they are easy to carry on the go. VITAMAN is the ultimate daily base for men + 30 years.

    VITAMAN's daily dose consists of:

        •  2 x Prostate Support

        •  3 x VITAMAX multivitamin

        •  1 x Omega 3 oil 


    This product is tailormade for men +30 years to take on a daily basis.

    Read more about VITAMAN in below desciptions.

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