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Spring Cleanse

Spring Cleanse

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3 weeks detox

Spring Cleanse

Do you want to loose weight and gain energy?


We have put together a 3 week RESET REBUILD REBALANCE DETOX program.

For 3 weeks will you will be supported, guided and will learn how to detox your body in a natural way. 

What is included?

  • 30 mins of individual online nutrition consultation by certified nutritionist Kristine Bernhoft
  • 1 x VITAVIVA 10 Day Cleanse
  • Membership of an detox Facebook Group exclusive for those who are participating.
  • The Cleanse Guide - a digital guide (pdf) filled with antiinflammatory recipes for a succesful cleanse.
  • Tips how to detox through cold & heat.


 - 2 days before starting, you must cut back on sugar, gluten, dairy products and coffee.


The first 10 days are the Detox days.

You start out with the natural supplement 10 days CLEANSE, which are based on natural herbs.

We recommend to follow the antiinflammatory Cleanse Guide, that you will get by email. If you do not follow the guide completely, try to focus on eating mostly vegetables, and cutting back on added sugar, gluten, dairy products or red meat.

Within these first 10 days, you will enjoy your individual online nutrition consultation and you must be weighed and measured.


This week will focus on maintenace cleansing.

We will help you re-build and support your intestines with good and easy recipes for healthy natural food. 

After a cleanse, where your bowels have been extremely active, you may risk stalling your bowels if you go straight back to your old lifestyle and diet.


The transition from DETOX to your ordinary NEW everyday life, where you will be able to include many of the new things you have learned so that you can maintain your energy level, your weight loss and much more, and continue being your best self!

Why detox?

With the DETOX course, you will typically achieve:

- weight loss (if you follow the Cleanse guide and get daily exercise)

- increased energy level

- better sleep

- less sugar cravings and a stable blood sugar

- better balance and body awareness

All the practical stuff

Once you have purchased the course, you will receive our Cleanse Guide e-book per e-mail. You will also receive an invitation to the exclusive Facebook group as well as an online welcome and introduction plus the weekly follow ups.


Kristine Bernhoft, dietitian, will do a welcome and introduce the contents of the detox course.

NUTRITION CONSULTATION - individual online consultation - date and time to be agreed between you and Kristine Bernhoft (takes place in one of the first weeks) Here you will be guided to a personal diet and exercise plan.

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Other people have said...

"After completing the January Detox program, I lost 5 kg. in the 3 weeks by just changing my diet in combination with taking the 15 Day Cleanse followed by the Colon Complex.
I feel both lighter and fresher, and I have the energy to start training and go for long walks again. My skin has also become significantly nicer and more firm!
I can really recommend Vitaviva's January Detox course - it's a perfect way to start 2022!"

Helle, customer and joined the January Detox program 2022

"I am so happy with all the things that are happening in my body right now. And I'm so happy to see that the puffiness around my eyes has subsided! In total I slept for 12 hours!


I also drink a shot of aloe vera juice in the morning, which Bianca from Vitaviva has recommended to me, as it is really good for balancing my intestines."


Mette Holm, January Detox program 2023