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VITAVIVA has made a collaboration with Amalie Reedtz-Thott to create 3 unique supplements that all have one thing in common, to support the body and sleep during stressful periods in life. It's a complete package made for people who want effective and unique supplements in their daily lives for the purpose of supporting the body's natural balance through the stressful periods in life that many experience. The 3 products can be taken separately or combined. Below you can read much more about the purpose as well as the thoughts behind the collaboration.

Amalie's story...

"Spring 2021 was a very stressful period in my life. With a small child at home and in the middle of my prime time in life, I had only one purpose; to get back on my feet as soon as possible."

Amalie Reedzt-Thott, 28 years, is a trained nurse with several years of experience in psychiatry as well as certified Body Control Pilates teacher.

"It was important for me to start all over again, reconsidering my routines, my work, my daily life, my diet, my supplements and my mental balance. I've always had a huge interest in supplements and they've been a regular part of my daily routine - but suddenly I had no clue what to take in my given situation. What can I do for my body now when it had hit the bottom. Where do I start - which supplements can help me and why? I'm convinced that the psyche and the physique are connected. Therefore, it was important for me to support the healing of my body with the right nutrients. That was the beginning and foundation of this collaboration."