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SOS for Winter Blues & Low Energy

Many are affected by the seasonal change as winter approaches. The long dark days and cold weather can cause a lack of energy and negative thoughts. This is a problem many struggles with, which is why we have dedicated this newsletter to the subject. 

Below you will find a list of recommended supplements, that can help support your mind through the dark months. There are certain nutrients you need to be aware of, as they are essential for your daily energy and mood. We hope to inspire you!

The Sunshine Vitamin!

... also known as Vitamin D! And that's actually a very precise "nickname" for the essential and very important vitamin! 

If you are struggling with winter blues or low energy during winter, make sure your Vitamin D level is covered. This is an easy and very important step to support your mood during the dark season.

In many European countries, a daily dose of a minimum of 10 mcg is recommended in the period from October to April.




Mood Formula is an ideal supplement to take if you are struggling with winter blues.

It's a potent combination of B-vitamins, Magnesium, Ashwagandha, Chamomile flower, amino acids and more - all chosen to give optimal support for your mind and mental health.

Especially Vitamin B-complex is important for your nervous system and general energy.



The Extra Help!

Ashwagandha can be of great help during the cold and dark winter months. The natural root has been used for centuries to support a stressed and troubled mind in Ayurvedic Medicine.

Ashwagandha is considered an “adaptogen”. Adaptogens are herbs that are considered to create balance and adapt to the body’s needs. 

You can easily combine Ashwagandha with your daily multivitamin or other supplements in the period in which your mind needs extra support. 



The Important Amino Acid...

You might not know it, but 5-HTP is a precursor to serotonin. Serotonin is an important signal substance your brain needs to regulate your mood. When your serotonin levels are normal, you feel:

  • happier
  • calmer
  • more focused
  • less anxious
  • more emotionally stable
In times where you feel the need for extra mental support, give 5-HTP a try.
The Power Of Vitamin B's...

In times of increased stress or mental imbalance, a strong Vitamin B-complex can be very helpful.

Many of the essential B-vitamins are known to support the nervous system and your mental health in general. 

Our Stress B w. C is a potent combination of all the essential Vitamin B's combined with Vitamin C and a number of relaxing herbs.