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Nelle Noell
Nelle Noell
Here at VITAVIVA we're happy to introduce you to our new wonderful ambassador, Nelle Noell.
Nelle Noell is 30 years old, works as a blogger and a beauty writer.

Nelle's story
It's a long story. I think I started getting interested in nutrition when I was no more than 16 years old as I started experiencing stomach problems with the food I got served at home. Against my mother's will, I skipped milk which helped, and I got curious about vitamins, the body and food. At the age of 18 when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia (a chronic pain condition in the body) and the doctors couldn't suggest anything but sedatives, I politely thanked no. From that moment on my curiosity turned into geekiness, and I haven't been inhibited - or affected by fibromyalgia since.

The healthy everyday life
My ideal morning starts with meditation, a green smoothie, vitamins and matcha latte on oats or almond milk. Then I work at home, go to meetings or events where I eat differently (often a little too many snacks). Afterwards I try to meet up for yoga or barren training, if I have the time for it, and then head back home for dinner which typically consists of an organic salad or other vegetarian food that I have in my fridge. In bed at 22 with the phone on flight mode and a good book. 

Supplements throughout the day
I take supplements in the morning, sometimes at noon and then again in the evening. I take a lot of supplements at the moment but nothing excessively. Right now I'm trying to get a hold on the challenges that come with PCO- and endometriosis, which is going the right way. I feel with my supplements along with a vegetarian - or semivegetarian and organic diet make my life better in general. Long story short. I can definitely feel when  I've missed supplements or if I have eaten badly for a while. I get tired faster, my spirits are low and I am feeling uncomfortable.

Favourite products from VITAVIVA
  • Mood Formula because it's an amazing supplement in the dark and colds months to keep the stress away and to keep the mood and energy level up. 
  • Chromium Piccolinate relieves my sugar cravings and keeps my glucose levels at balance throughout the day, so I can be more focused for a longer period of time.
  • Stress B + C helps me a lot in my stressed periods where I need extra inner peace.
  • Turmeric is very effective if I'm about to get sick or my joints start hurting. I use it almost all year around as a supplement in my golden latte. It's kind of a win-win situation.

We're looking foward to work with Nelle Noelle