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Mindful Gift Set

Mindful Gift Set

Mindful Gift Set

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Christmas Gift Set


A mindful gift from the heart!

This special gift set duo contains a beautiful Moon Calendar and our Ayurvedic 7 Chakra blend. A great gift for someone special who needs a balanced start to the new year.

The Moon Calendar?

Inspired by a French village where everyone lives life according to the rhythms of the moon, this chic tear-off calendar (note the gold-leaf edges) tracks the lunar cycles of the upcoming year. Filled with tips and explanations on how best to harness the cosmic energy on any given day—like when the best time is to detox, or why you’ll give your best presentations when the moon is in Sagittarius—it makes a fun gift for yourself, your BFF, your celestially minded coworker, whomever. This year, they even threw in some bonus recipes and inspiring quotes. 

The calendar is made by the Dutch Lexmond sisters.

Language: English

Ayurvedic 7 Chakra?

Our Ayurvedic 7 Chakra is based on traditional ayurvedic herbs such as turmeric, cinnamon, garlic, cloves, lavender, celery, liquorice root, ginger, and much more.

The formula is potent and based on the ayurvedic approach towards a holistic balance in the body. 

Ayurveda means “knowledge of life”. Ayurvedic medicine is one of the world’s oldest approaches to holistic health. It was developed more than 3,000 years ago in India. In the present day, it plays great importance in the world of alternative health.

This mindful duo is perfect gift to a balanced start to the new year! Merry christmas:)

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Mindful Gift Set
Mindful Gift Set

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