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Amalie Reedtz-Thott is a trained nurse with several years of experience in psychiatry, as well as being a trained Body Control Pilates teacher.
In the spring of 2021, Amalie was diagnosed with stress, which made her resort to herbs and supplements, and this became the fundament for the collaboration with VITAVIVA:

"As an ambassador for VITAVIVA for 5 years, I know the products and have felt the effect of them on my own body. VITAVIVA's experience in dietary supplements and the high quality, helped to inspire me to develop the Nurture products."
Amalie and VITAVIVA have collaborated on creating 3 unique supplements; Be Mindful, Be Sleepful, and Be Nourished. They all have in common to support the body and sleep during challenging periods in life. 
Mind and body
Amalie daily creates awareness between body and mind, and body scanning, dry brushing, yoga, walks in nature and meditation are an important part of Amalie's everyday life.
To support this, Amalie takes her dietary supplements, which is a kind of self-love:
"I know I take care of myself when I take my supplements."

Amalie takes Be Nourished and Be Mindful every morning after breakfast.
She takes Be Sleepful half an hour before bedtime during periods where a good nights sleep is extra needed.
A healthy lifestyle
For Amalie, a healthy lifestyle is to recognize the body and emotions, remembering that what we eat reflects on how we feel, as well as getting movement into everyday life. At the same time, it is important to "find what motivates us and makes us happy, and go for it."
Amalies favourite things to do for herself depends on the mood. It can be anything from a hot bath with essential oils followed by a good body oil before bedtime, to a massage, to a walk in nature or just taking the time to drink her morning tea.