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Stefanie Klaver

Stefanie Klaver

Stefanie Klaver is founder of KLÆVER HEALTH and has been active for some time as an orthomolecular nutrition coach.

Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Stefanie Klaver, 31 and living in Amsterdam. I’ve always been very interested in health optimization. That made me choose to study Nutrition. I finished in 2004. After working as a nutritionist here and there I realized I missed a place where you could get the total package. Therefor we opened Klaever Health in October 2016. A place were we offer a combination of personal training, high quality supplements, juices, smoothies, nutritional advice and also lab tests. The personal approach is very important for us as everybody and every person is unique.

 What is your everyday routine?

As an entrepreneur it’s always a challenge to stay balanced. Especially in the first few years which I am living now. The game is on, having a shop which is open 7 days a week. I get up around 7.30 and mostly walk the dog first. Sometimes I have consultation before opening hours of the shop. If not I open the shop and start to make the first juices for the people who already did personal training. Around 10.30 ill have a breakfast myself. I love to have my personal favorite smoothie the ‘Klaevers Favorite’. After I take some supplements such as vitamin D and omega 3 (from algae’s) on a daily basis. I add a multi vitamin, B12, magnesium, C, spirulina or iron to it whenever I feel like it as I basically live in my own candyshop J. Days are filled with consultations, personal training, making juices, informing customers about supplements and so on.

I try to have dogwalks in between, it helps to clear my head. The shop closes at 18.30 but I could still have consultations in the evening and or I have to do preparation for the next day. After a workday I love to cook. It calmes the mind and helps me to stay healthy. I have dinner around 20.30, walk the dog again, try to do a bit of meditation, watch a serie or documentary and fall a sleep. And repeat J.

 What is your approach to a healthy lifestyle?

Balance is key! A lot of people think a healthy lifestyle is working out a lot and being strict on your diet. I disagree. Appreciate your body, support your mind and love our planet.

Why did you start taking VITAVIVA? How do they affect your everyday life?

I found out about the brand through a friend and I loved it from the start. I decided to not only use it myself but to also sell it at Klaever Health. The combinations of ingredients are great and the look of the brand finishes it. Vita Viva takes the dusty image off supplements and makes it more approachable for everybody. And that’s what I think it should be like, supplements are there for everybody.

Which are your favorite VITAVIVA products and why?

My clients are totally enthusiastic about the great hair complex, the vitamin C booster, horney goat weed and basically many more!

Read more about Stephanie Klaver here: http://www.klaever-health.nl/

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