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Robert Petersen

Robert Petersen

Robert is a trained psychotherapist and body therapist at the Body-SDS Institute. Additionally, over the past 18 years, he has participated in several courses, all of which are targeted body and psyche.

Robert is considered one of the leading practitioners in his field and has a wide range of clients – ranging from big international stars to 'ordinary' Danes. Robert has himself felt what is it like to experience difficult times. Today, however, he has regained the joy of like and taken control over his own life. One of his most valuable messages is that trust and believing in oneself can move even the greatest mountains.

What is your professional title and background?

I’m educated as a Psychotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Reflexology, Craniosacral therapist, Body SDS Therapist.

What area do you specialise in and how many years of experience do you have?

I have worked with people for the past 20 years. I started working with mental patterns, and then the psychical body. Today, I am very aware of the fact that balancing the physical and mental aspects is what I master best. That is also my focus when working as a personal trainer.

Tell us a little about yourself?

I am 50-years-old and have spent my entire life working with my body in every way imaginable. I have always challenged myself and perhaps gone a little too far to see what would happen. I have learned a lot and am eager to keep learning what the human body can tell me – the most amazing and fascinating create there is. It is a lifelong education.

Ongoing activities and past businesses that we should know about?

I teach a body therapy class

Do courses about e.g. the balance between the physical vs. the psyche, the liberation of the body, and body-focused training.

Sparring sessions for business managers – both individually and in groups.

Why do you recommend VITAVIVA?

I have for many years had an effective collaboration with VITAVIVA which I greatly appreciate.

As I work with creating a balance between the physical/mental aspects of people, I greatly benefit from many VITAVIVA products.

VITAVIVA’s product range is of the highest quality, which is a crucial factor when I represent a 3rd party. I will always vouch a 100% for VITAVIVA’s range.

  1. Maintenance Cleanse Digestion / 90 capsules

    Preorder! Expected back in stock in week 49/50. 

    Please note that when you purchase this preorder with other products, your order will not be shipped until Maintenance Cleabse is in stock.
    However, your payment will be processed immidiately after placing the order to ensure the preorder.

    Price per daily dosage €1.60


    Maintenance Cleanse is a proprietary blend of ingredients: oat bran powder, prune powder, psyllium husks, aloe vera powder, l. acidophilus, bentonite clay, flaxseed powder, apple pectin powder and glucomannan powder etc.

    Maintenance Cleanse works as a light cleanse to stimulte your digestion and bowel movements. It is not as effective as 15 Day Cleanse or 7 Day Cleanse.

    We always recommend to follow up 15 Day Cleanse and 7 Day Cleanse with Maintenance Cleanse, to secure the transition from the 15 Day Cleanse/ 7 Day Cleanse to your normal diet.


    This product is relevant if you wish to do a mild cleanse or if you have completed our 15 or 7 Day Cleanse.

    You take it as a 1 month treatment (2-3 capsules a day).

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  2. 15 Day Cleanse Gut cleanse / 30 capsules

    Preorder! Expected back in stock in week 49/50. 
    Please note that when you purchase this preorder with other products, your order will not be shipped until 15 Day Cleanse is in stock.
    However, your payment will be processed immidiately after placing the order to ensure the preorder.


    15 Day Cleanse is a maximum strength formula containing several natural and effective laxatives such as senna leaves, cascara sagrada, psyllium husks, l.acidophilus, aloe vera, flaxseed and more.


    Natural laxatives are foods or herbs that contribute you to cleanse your gut. Natural laxatives work in different ways. They can be divided into the following categories: Stimulant laxatives, Mechanical laxatives and Osmotic laxatives. 

    Stimulant laxatives are called cleansers that are considered stimulants because they function on the intestinal muscles and have certain components that also affect the colon to stimulate bowel movements. They also work on your intestinal walls and increase the production of minerals and fluids and decrease the ability of the intestines to absorb sodium and chlorine. Mechanical laxatives are fibre-rich laxatives that add volume to your stools, retain water and moisturize the intestinal walls, and help in the most natural way to promote bowel muscle movements to help you go to the bathroom. These include soluble and insoluble fibres.


    15 Day Cleanse can be used occasionally or as a 15 day cleansing program. We always advise you to follow up a cleanse with Maintenance Cleanse for the best result.


    We always recommend that you read the following guide before you start the cleanse: HOW TO CLEANSE?


    We get a lot of questions about; "Which cleanse should I choose - 7 or 15 Day Cleanse?" The purpose of the products is nearly the same - to cleanse your gut effectively. However, the intensity is different. We always recommend the 15 Day Cleanse, if it is the first time you are cleansing. The 7 Day Cleanse is more intense, as it has to do the same job as 15 Day Cleanse, but in half the time. If you have already done a 15 Day Cleanse, then you and your gut are familiar with the program and next time you can try the 7 Day Cleanse.

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  3. Coenzyme Q10 120 mg / 60 capsules

    Price per daily dosage €0.60


    Co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is naturally found in the body and used by the body to help produce the energy to grow and maintain your cells. 


    Levels of CoQ10 in your body decrease as you age. This happens from the age of 30 - especially in the eperdermis (skin).


    Co-enzyme Q10 is especially relevant if you are 30 years and older, since this is when you natural production decrease. Co-ensyme Q10 plays an important role in the production of energy in the body.

    This product gives you 120 mg Co-enzyme Q10 per capsule - 60 capsules for 60 days.

    Non-GMO Formula!

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