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Line Friis

Line Friis

Line Friis is one of the leading holistic cosmetologist and skincare specialist in Denmark. Line won the "Treatment of the Year" award at the Danish Beauty Award (2014) for her signature treatment, "Acai Organic Facial Care". Her latest signature treatment, "Veda Facial", was nominated in 2016.

Line is a trained CIDESCO cosmetologist with over 12 years of experience in reflexology, acupuncture, healing, yoga, Japanese lifting, cosmolifting, craniosacral therapist, and meta-medicine. She combines all this experience in her unique holistic approach to skincare. 

What is your professional title and background?

I am originally a trained cosmetologist but have since trained in Craniosacral therapist, acupuncture, reflexology, metamedicine, yoga, and facial lifting courses.

What area do you specialize in and how many years of experience do you have?

I have been working on the face for 14 years and my speciality is particularly severe skin conditions such as rosacea and acne. For many years I have also been known for my alternative approach to wrinkles.

Tell us a little about yourself?

I believe that the path to beauty comes through health. I always try to find the root of the problems instead of treating the symptoms. Health is complex and so is mental health. The body and skin will always try to find a balance, so it is actually not as complicated if you know what to do. 

Ongoing activities and past businesses that we should know about?

I am a judge at the Danish Beauty Award and was nominated and won in 2014 and 2016. I also do retreats in Denmark and abroad. For example, exclusive retreats in collaboration with hotel Nimb. I developed Rudolph Cares 2 signature treatments in 2013 and in 2017 I developed Karmamejus 6 signature treatments which are available in the new spa at the hotel Marienlyst.

Why do you recommend VITAVIVA?

I love that VITAVIVA focuses on preventing problems and replenish the body. Furthermore, they have a large selection of products, so it makes it easier to target which products to use for specific problems.

  1. Line Friis Clear Skin Clear Skin

    Line Friis, award-winning beauty therapist, owner of holistic beauty clinic, Dare to Care by Line Friis and member of the jury of the Danish Beauty Awards.


    VITACLEAR is a must have if you want to target problem skin from within. Packed with key nutrients to support healthy skin. 


    VITACLEAR is developed for problematic skin. It is a unique combination of essential vitamins and minerals, turmeric, antioxidants, nourishing plants, and omega 3, which aims to support and soothe irritated skin. For a long time, we have wanted to develop a supplement to help those who are struggling with difficult and problematic skin. That's the purpose of VITACLEAR!


    Skin problems are not only felt physically but also mentally. Normal skin is a given for some, and the greatest desire for others. Impure skin is not only found in teenage skin but unfortunately, an awful lot of adults also struggle with skin problems. We experienced a lot of queries in this area, which is why we have developed VITACLEAR.

    Problematic skin must be taken seriously! It can have consequences for the condition of your skin for many years. If you go for too long with inflamed skin - and here we are not talking the occasional pimples, but a constantly irritated skin with deep impurities - it can affect your connective tissue and the risk of chronic skin damage, such as scars and pigmentation. It is therefore important that you act - not only by using the right skincare products but also by focusing on the right micronutrients. The combination of the two focus areas will give you the best results.

    VITACLEAR is not an alternative to the prescription medication recommended in this area, but developed, as a natural step, before any drastic methods may be initiated.


    VITACLEAR is packed in small bags, which makes it easy to remember and take your daily dose. The small bags are easy to carry on the go and each VITACLEAR contains up to 30 days of consumption.


    • 2 x 3 in 1 Beauty Booster tablets
    • 1 x Wrinkles Away capsule
    • 1 x Turmeric 750 mg (pure turmeric) tablet
    • 1 x Organic Flaxseed Oil capsule
    • 1 x Magnesium capsule
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  2. Line Friis Mature Skin Beauty

    Line Friis, award-winning beauty therapist, owner of holistic beauty clinic, Dare to Care by Line Friis and member of the jury of the Danish Beauty Awards.

    Line Friis recommends this combination of supplements for Mature Skin Pack. 


    VITAGLOW is a unique combination of vitamins, collagen, enzymes, and oils, to support the skin. VITAGLOW is a convenience package that contains the most essential vitamins and oils for a significant skin treat. Packed in 30 small individual daily dose parcels, it’s easy to bring on the go and you get for a month use (30 days) in one package.

    The daily dose contains the following:

    1 x Q10


    We have tested VITAGLOW on 10 women - see the results here: THE GLOW TEST

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