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Ida Krak

Ida Krak

Ida Krak is a personal trainer and dietician. She has been working in the fitness industry for 28 years and is among others personal trainer for members of the royal house, actors and other well-known media personalities. However, Ida Krak is primary a counsellor for ordinary people in health, diet and exercise.

Ida Krak is a writer of Alt for Damerne and has previously published the workbookSuperfit (2009), Drømmekrop(2011), and Smuk uden kniv (2017). 

What is your professional title and educational background?

I work as a personal trainer, dietician and Z-Health therapist (rehab.). I am educated in the US within personal training, rehabilitation and diet, and have 28 years of experience.

Tell us about yourself and your approach to health?

I have always trained a lot. I am a former gymnast and ballet dancer, and I have an interest in the body's physiological and mental competencies.

Ongoing activities and past accomplishments we should know about?

I am lecturing and hosting events beyond my fulltime work as mentioned above. I also have a great deal of cooperation with Alt for Damerne.

What is your perception of VITAVIVA and why do you recommend VITAVIVA?

Through my approach from my profession, I know how important it is to eat optimally, but unfortunately, our everyday diet is not enough for most people. VITAVIVA has some amazing products, which I myself am very fond of, and therefore of course recommend.

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