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Gitte Høj

Gitte Høj

Gitte has a bachelor's degree in nutrition and health and has worked with it since 2005. She is dietitian and running coach and has her own company - Gitte Høj - where she works as a writer, lecturer and dietician and more.

What is your professional title and background?

Health Consultant, Diet Counselor, and Running Coach

Professional Bachelor in Nutrition and Health 

What area do you specialize in and how many years of experience do you have?

I specialize in Human Nutrition - how to eat and what foods we need to keep our body balanced as well as preventing lifestyle diseases.

In addition, I am a running coach and have over 20 years of experience in running, having previously run at elite level (400 M hurdles).

Change processes are also an area I specialize in.  

Tell us a little about yourself?

I am;
Living in Copenhagen with my boyfriend and our 5 children.
Health realist with both legs on the ground.
Scientific and with a high health professional.
Accustomed to working with goals that lie both 1, 3, 12 or more months in the future.

I have;
A clearly defined approach to my work - "QUICK FIX" is a dream not a reality!
Insights into the latest trends in health and running.
Insight into what is needed to motivate and change habits and patterns.
Understanding that all people are different.
Experience that everyone best achieves their goals with individually tailored courses.

My diet philosophy
Everything in moderation. Be critical and aware of what you are consuming. Stop and breathe. How does the body feel, how do you feel, what you eat and what you do?
There is room for everyone, ie. different dietary directions are ok as long as they fit the individual and their goals. I myself have been living by the same plan for almost 8 years. I do not eat sweets, do not drink sodas, or light products. I eat chocolate, homemade cake (all kinds), drink 1-2 cups of coffee daily and eat lots of healthy fats, coarse carbohydrates, and proteins. I’m definitely not fanatical, and neither should you be! You have to be realistic!


Ongoing activities and past businesses that we should know about?

I have my own company (www.gittehoej.dk) where I work as a health consultant, dietitian, running coach, writer, recipe developer, and more.

I am affiliated with Thygesen-Health (www.thygesen-health.dk), which is a medical practice that offers health examinations, health courses, medical examinations, blood tests, ultrasound scans, etc. The link here is that we believe that our health must be seen in a context.

Finally, I often have interdisciplinary partnerships with companies, other partners, etc.

Why do you recommend VITAVIVA?

For me, VITAVIVA is a company that has the heart in the right place. Here it is about helping and making sure that people get the right guidance in supplements. This is where dietary supplements should have a noticeable effect and should be accessible to everyone (referring to pricing). Everyone should have the opportunity to get the best supplements.

I recommend the VITAVIVA products for the simple reason that they work. Purely professional because they have a high bioavailability. It's pretty simple for me; if supplements don't have an effect why then take them? If we need supplements, it is because we lack these, and then we need them with the greatest effect!

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