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Carl Christian Randow

Carl Christian Randow

After studying both psychology, philosophy and economics, Carl Christian found his call in life as an alcolog. In addition to this education, CC (as he is called) is certified in the special CENAPS method and NLP practitioner.

What is your professional title and educational background?

Addiction counselor. Studied at alkolog-uddannelsen.
NLP-practitioner. Certified Cenaps therapist.
Head of treatment at various in-house treatment centres 2001-2010.
2010- owner at www.alkohol-coach.dk  and (www.randow.life)

Which fields are you specialized in and how many years of experience do you have?

Multiple addictions (alcohol & drugs). Relapse prevention therapy.
Co-dependency. Anti-social behavior.

Worked as a professional since 1999.

Tell us about yourself and your approach to health?

My primary focus is to end the stronghold of addictions, which I perceive to be a psycho-spiritual-physical illness.

Ongoing activities and past accomplishments we should know about?

Addiction counselor in the TV2 television series “MISBRUG”.
Author of the book “FORTRYLLET - Om brug, storforbrug, misbrug og kemisk afhængighed af alkohol og andre stemningsændrende midler”.
Three new book titles are planned to be published in 2018.

Specialist with 25 years of experience in the yogic phenomenon KUNDALINI.

Gives lectures on the subjects of addiction, co-dependence, kundalini & awareness.

What is your perception of VITAVIVA and why do you recommend VITAVIVA?

I have a joyous and successful long-term cooperation with Vitaviva especially in the matter “diminishing the symptoms of CRAVING from multiple addictions”, where a range of Vitaviva’s high quality products really do make a difference for my clients.



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